Reconsidering Mike Huckabee

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The Huckster, God Love Him
The Huckster, God Love Him

During the Republican primaries, I went after Mike Huckabee rather harshly.  I disagreed with many of his political positions, and I had not seen him perform live.

I still disagree with his views on economics and the war in Iraq.  But I’ve also come under the magic spell he casts on live audiences.  (If you haven’t witnessed his performance, do it soon.  It’s absolutely amazing.)

I will state this without any fear of error:  Mike Huckabee is a good, good man.  I wish I knew him, and I wish he would say something nice about me.  Huckabee’s the sort of individual whose approval we cherish.  

After witnessing McCain’s weak performance as a candidate, I can’t help but wonder what might have been had Huckabee won the nomination.  No one could not like him.  The press could not vilify Huckabee without indicting themselves.  While McCain was incapable of knocking out Obama, Huckabee might have overwhelmed The One with genuineness–something Obama seems never have experienced.

In the end, we have McCain.  But we are fortunate to have met Mike Huckabee.  I trust he would never treat me as harshly as I treated him, though I deserve it.  I can’t imagine a higher compliment.

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Reconsidering Mike Huckabee

  1. You know what, Joseph, I can’t even tell you. On foreign policy, I was upset with the op-ed piece he wrote about Iraq. On economics, I wasn’t happy with views on some tax issue.

    I have a bad habit of writing what’s in my Irish heart at the moment, and this is certainly an example. Were Huckabee like me, I’d never have admitted I was wrong. Perhaps what impresses me most about him is that he’s brought something good even in a hothead like me.

    Thanks, so much, for writing.

  2. I would like to thank you for saying such nice things about Huckabee. Coming from a dedicated supporter such as me, that means a lot coming from someone who once was harsh of Mike.

    I would like to know why you disagree with Mike on Economics and the Iraq war though?

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