Video of St. Louis Event–Almost as Good as Being There *update*

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My hat’s off to Bob Anders and the crew from Creative Video Services for this 3-part series of the St. Louis Nationwide Chicago Tea Party protest held February 27, 2009. If you need videography, you can’t go wrong with Creative Video.

Part I:
St. Louis Tea Party (Part 1) from CR8VDO on Vimeo.

Click here for Parts 2 and 3.

Dana has lots of great links.  


1.  It was a 3-part, not 4-part video. Sorry, my math.

2.  The STL Tea Party made Drudge!!!!  How flippin’ cool is that?


St. Louis Tea Party Makes Drudge


  • Rebekah

    February 28, 2009

    Please publicize if you have another event later–there were even more than those who showed up who are angry but couldn’t make it :).

  • InnominateUser

    February 28, 2009

    First of all thank you for taking the first step to get these protests going!

    My biggest problem is I didn’t know about this, or I would have been there as well. May I suggest a grass roots campaign on FaceBook, MySpace, and other social networking sites? Again – I know I would have been down there along with five friends (who said the very same thing).

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