Watch Glenn Beck Destroy a Lawyer on the Law

I love watching a non-lawyer beat the crap out of a lawyer over the law. Here, the AG of Connecticut demonstrates communist tyranny.  Glenn Beck demonstrates reason.  The AG should lose his law license:  he isn’t even an effective liar. HOT AIR

In a just world, the good people of Connecticut would toss this demagogue AG into the Thames River on the coldest day of the year.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expert Latest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016) Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016) I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.