May 4, 2010

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How to Win

repo_door_knock_reposeession_agent_lender.jpg[1] Focus.

There. That was easy, wasn’t it?


Of the thousands of possible activities and initiatives, choose one.

Our goal is affect the outcome of the 2010 elections. That has not changed since our first tea party in Febuary 2009 with it’s tag line “Repeal the pork . . . or retire!”

They didn’t fix the fiscal problems. We owe it to ourselves to retire them.

But how?

Let’s try this: let’s go out and meet our neighbors and family and friends. Let’s not talk politics, but possibilities.

We have a simple plan to visit our neighbors or our friends, hand them the Constitution, and say:

Here. Please read this. Read it and think about what’s going in Washington today. Then decide for yourself whether we’re on the right track or the wrong track. If you’d like to get involved, my contact information is right there on the cover.

It couldn’t be any simpler.

The pilot project begins this week.