June 17, 2010

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The Washington Oil Leak

obama_fail_tshirt You would think that the basement of the White House was gushing 60,000 barrels of oil a day, wouldn’t you? After all, President Obama’s entire response to the greatest ecological disaster of modern times has been empower Washington, DC.

The disasters are in the Gulf of Mexico, Mr. President, and in the latest Gallup and Rasmussen polls.

Politicians who worship at the alter of omnipotent government have no answers to problems outside of government. That’s why they fail—fail themselves, the victims, their parties, and their country.

The slippery slope to a failed presidency is now greased with BP oil.

In the two months—Two Months—since the crisis began, the President has thrown a dozen social events, played numerous rounds of golf, vacationed, changed the number one priority of the nation three times, and demeaned the office . . . daily, really.

He took almost two months to even speak to the company allegedly responsible for the disaster.

He held a glib, pointless, rambling Oval Office address (sans reporters) that lacked courage, vision, and hope. Worst of all, his make-up seemed to have been applied by an out-of-work mortician.

Obama’s impotent attempt at a plan? Uh, more power for Washington. Forced conversion to clean fuels. Oh, and more salary dictates.

Even a heavily Democrat Congress yawned.

I really enjoyed the points where the script called for the president to act, as in:

POTUS: _Frowning. _I will not [pound desk] stand for this [pause, glare into camera] anymore.

At moments I was almost convinced of his sincerity. And I’m his harshest critic.

The bottom line: In the most serious crisis of his presidency, Barack Obama abandoned the office. As Democrat consultant Pat Caddell said, “No one is in charge.”

I have heard Obama called many names. No one is a new one and likely the most damaging.