August 4, 2010

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Beyond The Dip

I received a couple of phone calls this morning. Maybe because of the primary election in Missouri. Or is the stifling, stale heat of August that drove the calls? Either way, I believe the calls represent very good news.

We survived The Dip (Godin, 2007).

Back in April, I sensed a dip in the burgeoning grassroots movement. By June 1, my suspicions were confirmed and I blogged about The Dip.

The Dip is resistance, according to writer Steven Pressfield. If you quit now, no one can criticize you. You won’t be embarrassed. Hell, after the past fifteen months, walking away from grassroots stuff will give you more time than you’ve ever imagined. You can fix up your house, take a long vacation, read that stack of books that you’ve assembled but haven’t cracked. You’ll be able to learn a new language and grow your own organic vegetables. Maybe you’ll take up knitting or quilting to scrap-booking.

I was hoping that the cooler weather of September and the massive Tea Party in St. Louis on 9-12 would pull us out of The Dip. I still hope that. But we seem to be pulling out already.

Those calls I received today should give you great hope. They came from folks who were very active in 2009, but who wandered back to their own lives in 2010. As I said in my original blog, no one can blame them. We barely had time to breathe before this tea party thing started.

But they’re back. The patriots who needed a breather are refreshed and are returning to the battle. They’re tanned, rested, and ready. They’re here to soldier on with us, to their energy when ours fades. They are indispensible, and we should thank them for recharging.

More importantly, they will provide some of the 1,000+ Block Captains and Liberty Evangelists we are calling on now for the largest conservative voter drive in St. Louis history. From St. Charles to St. Genevieve, we’ll channel our energy to overwhelming Congress on November 2.

That will be the peak of our post-Dip surge, the election on November 2.

So if you hear new names in the coming months—if you recognize old friends from Tea Parties of 2009—warmly welcome them back. And thank them for bringing us fresh energy.

We’re climbing the hill to the summit, now, and that’s a tough climb. But it’s a climb. The graph slopes up to the right. Our ALICE packs are heavy, but our neighbors will help us.

Nothing can stop us now.

We survived The Dip.