August 4, 2010

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Take Your Bill and Shove It, Mr. President

Missouri voters roundly rejected ObamaCare, all of its works, and all of its empty promises.

By an overwhelming, unmistakable 71 percent, we said to the Obama Regime, “Take this bill and shove it.”

The overwhelming passage was a slap in the face to the Missouri Hospital Association and to BJC President Steven Lipstein who spent nearly $500,000 trying to convince their employees that the hospital chain profits trump the Constitution.  Pathetic worms.

To those who worked tirelessly, like Caroline Mueller, Ben Evans, Annette Read, Margaret Walker, Robin Weymire, Patrick Touhey, and dozens of others, we all owe a big thanks.

Thanks also to those who sweated through the hottest day of the year to man the polls yesterday in support of Prop C and conservative candidates.

Thanks to those who banged doors, hung signs, and walked miles for issues and candidates, including my sister, Mary, who’s been a few thousand homes in recent weeks.

Thanks to Ed Martin for letting my dad, a WWII and Korean War veteran, lead the Pledge of Allegiance at last night’s celebration.

Thanks to all of the candidates who stepped into the ring.  Yes, people get emotional in campaigns. Yes, people violate Reagan’s 11th commandment.  In the end, though, we must honor those who do take the plunge and stand for office. Someone has to—otherwise Basil Marceau would be governor of Tennessee.  Or (yikes) Missouri.

On to November.  If we want to repeal ObamaCare, we need to expel from every rubber stamp who voted for it, every rubber stamp’s sister who supports it, and every corporation that profits from it.

Let them all earn a living for a change.