September 5, 2010

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Why You Should Come to St. Louis If You Can’t Drive to the Beach

Yes, there are three major Tea Party events on 9-12: Washington, Sacramento, and St. Louis. But if you can’t see the Atlantic or the Pacific from your window, why don’t you make the trip to the middle of the country, to the “Gateway to November” Tea Party under the Arch?

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I’m hearing from groups in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and many from Illinois and Kansas who CANNOT WAIT for the 9-12 “Gateway to November” Tea Party in St. Louis. They’re ready to roll, to recycle, and to repeal. Are you?

Thanks to the K&N Patriots who volunteered to serve as Ambassadors to the bus groups coming into town. If you need their assistance or have any questions in putting your bus trip together please call 314-266-1775 and leave a message. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. You may also email [email protected]. Please include 9-12 Groups in the Subject line of the email.

Now, some people want to know why we’re having a Tea Party on 9-12, and why is always the most important question.

We’re having a 9-12 Tea Party because believing in a vision is the key to making it real.

If people do not believe that we can accomplish what we hope to accomplish, they will not help us. If they do believe we can change history, they will join the fight.

Leftist, liberal, and Democrat organizations hire their protesters, their audiences, and their grassroots activists. That’s because liberalism is funded by billionaires and big corporations, like GE.

Conservatives, on the other hand, must earn our support. That requires not just being right, but also being creative, offering novelty and reward, to those who come out to events. The bar rises when you ask volunteers to knock on doors, distribute literature on street corners, or make phone calls.

**One way we attract and energize activists is with big events, like the 9-12 Tea Party in St. Louis. **

On Sunday, September 12, 2010, St. Louis will host the Midwest’s 9-12 Tea Party. This event, billed as the “Gateway to November,” will attract new volunteers and energize veterans. That’s the purpose of all big rallies, and it’s why media attention matters.

Large crowds of true believers serve as social proof to others who already agree with our view of government and philosophy, but doubt our dedication and our clout. When they see hundreds of thousands in DC or ten thousand in St. Louis, they begin to believe in our vision as well as in our reading of history.

We need to attract those who believe what we believe—limited government, fiscal responsibility, low taxes, national security, and federalism. And we must help them believe that, together, we can change things.

If everyone who believes what we believe votes in November 2010, in the primaries and general elections of 2012 and beyond, then we cannot fail to restore the republic. But if we only talk among ourselves, if we pretend that twenty people in a public library meeting room is enough to change the world, we will forever lash out at and blame bogeymen for our own failures.

Spread the word.

Build the energy.

Share the vision.

Grow the movement.

Win the election.

Repeat in 2012.

That’s why a Tea Party. And that’s why we need you in St. Louis on the steps of the Arch on September 12 at High Noon.