September 8, 2010

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That’s One Awesome Friggin’ Photograph

The venerable Jim Hoft (aka, Gateway Pundit) snapped this shot of the new sign at St. Louis Tea Party Coalition HQ on Hampton.


One year ago this week, we’d just finished a summer of street protests. ObamaCare had been delayed . . . twice. Cap and Trade had been put on hold. Many of us were getting ready to drive up to Quincy, Illinois, for the Midwest’s 9-12 Tea Party.

What a year.

In that year, we’ve won some and lost some. Allegiances have shifted. But the war rages on. In this present crisis, we face a single question: will self-government prevail in America, or will return the world to despotism?

Tonight, 100 champions of self-government came to that office on Hampton to hear the battle for 9-12. They are doctors and nurses, housewives and programmers, and every occupation imaginable. Some are old veterans of this war, while others attended their first formal meeting.

On Sunday, every person who steps onto the battlefield of the Arch grounds will do so, in part, because volunteers like these 100 and dozens more from Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and elsewhere, gave of themselves to make the event happen.

Thank you. Thank you all. You are the standard against which the world measures itself.

You are America.