October 12, 2010

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Big Journalism’s Big News

It seems impossible that nearly nineteen months have passed since I met Dana Loesch for the first time.

1018[1] It was on the sidewalk on Leonor K. Sullivan Blvd, 27 February 2010. Snow flurries drifted and bounced like little kids playing around at a wedding reception. Two-hundred or so people had already arrived, and Dana brought the cutest little megaphone you’ve ever seen. With that megaphone, we announced the first St. Louis Tea Party, and 20 people standing directly in front of us hear ever word. (The rest cheered politely, anyway.)

Today, Dana announced a new step in her meteoric career: Editor-in-Chief at BigJournalism.com.

The rise of Andrew Breitbart’s “Bigs” and the rise of Dana Loesch are good news—mark that, Great News—for movement conservatism and for America. Hell, it’s great news for liberty and justice, too. Mostly, though, it’s good new for journalism in America, which has been teetering on the cusp of irrelevancy since Walther Cronkite became a leftist filter of inconvenient facts.

Dana’s brand of fearless reporting now receives greater, and much deserved, amplification. Bretibart has plugged in the amp on a voice that liberals hate and conservative cheer. But most importantly, Dana’s voice grasps the hearts and minds of those who’ve felt left out of 21st century—the tea party people.

Fox News, Al Gore’s Internets, talk radio, and Breitbart’s Bigs had already accelerated the demise of Old Journalism. Adding Dana Loesch to national scene stamps a firm expiration date on canned liberal news. The Grey Lady is dead . . . long live Dana.