November 3, 2010

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Shady City Votes and Ego-Trip Riders

Three precincts in the city of St. Louis delivered 3,800 votes for Carnahan in the last hour of counting. Wahby’s district. Wahby’s wife works for Mayor Francis Slay. They waited until they knew how many votes they needed, then they manufactured them–typical Dems, in my view.

Now I ask you: how many dead or non-existent people voted in Wahby’s precincts?

Ed Martin won, and everyone knows it. City Democrats have no qualms with committing felonies to steal elections. And no one seems to care.

In an election when America needed everyone to subdue personal ambition for the greater good, two egomaniacs ran against Ed Martin. These selfish people put themselves and their egos above the country. They are not American patriots; they’re weasels.

Kudos to Ed Martin for having the brass to fight these Democrat crooks. He will prevail. America will prevail.