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Hennessy’s View is now 255 on Wikio’s Political Blog rankings.  I know that’s nothing compared to Gateway Pundit. After  10 years of blogging, though, it’s nice to crack some list somewhere. 

If you’d like to see me move higher on this list, please use the social buttons below. 

Also, please tell me why you read Hennessy’s View in the comments.

Thanks, again, for a great Christmas present.

5 thoughts on “
Thank You!

  1. Congratulations! Maybe 255 isn’t so hot in relation to Gateway Pundit, but in relation to mine, which is about as small as the diameter of a neutrino? Pretty darn impressive!

    I read Hennessy’s view because it’s interesting and gives a perspective for thinking about issues that isn’t easily found elsewhere.

    That, and you often find a way to work in a reference to Scotch.

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