December 31, 2010

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The Longest Year

The year that ends tonight didn’t begin a year a go tomorrow. Nor does it have a number.

I’m not sure when this year started or what to call it. And, as surprising as it may sound, I don’t think I’ll miss it.

Call it the year of the tea party. It lasted 22 months.

We accomplished only two things, really, in this massive human wave.

  1. We reminded ourselves that we, the people, can still roar.

  2. We may have aborted the rebirth of international socialism.

Our work isn’t over, but at midnight we cross a threshold. The Tea Party movement leaves childhood. As an organization, we’re young adults. The world becomes less forgiving.

Movements don’t think or decide. The folks who people them do. If we try to continue the tactics and antics of this year, we’ll arrest our own development.

If, however, we keep a narrow focus while maturing our methods and broadening our knowledge, we’ll continue to grow.

It’s been a long, very long, year. But there’s ages left to go.