January 6, 2011

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The 112th

Four years after Nancy Pelosi swore to end deficit spending, a new Congress, elected by a grassroots surge, took office today.

Our work has just begun.

But we have the momentum.

Here’s how we need to deal with Congress:

1.  We let them know what’s important to us.

2.  We defend them—individually and collectively—when they do the right thing.

3.  We remind them of their purpose, promises, and limitations when they stray.

Of these, I believe the second point the most important.

We have asked this Congress to cut spending, to end programs, and to take away unjust privileges.  I think they’ll do just that.  Maybe they won’t move as quickly or as boldly as we’d like, but they’ll begin undoing what previous Congresses have done.

And people will scream.

The way big government types get and keep power is by taking money from some (including future generations) and bribing people.  That’s essentially what Obama’s beloved “redistributive justice” means: steal from strangers and give to—or buy—friends.

Those who’ve benefited from this theft ring will howl when Congress cuts off their funds. The new Republican House will be accused of starving children, killing the elderly, and sentencing the sick to death.

It’s our job—those of us who took to the streets in 2009—to stand by our representatives who try to stop this multi-generational theft.  It’s our job to praise, to promote, to support brave members of Congress who do brave things.