February 27, 2011

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The Akin Example

Todd Akin need doesn’t to build tea party street cred. He thumps primary and general election opponents in biennial blowouts for Missouri’s Second District. Todd is also a legitimate, committed member of the US House Tea Party Caucus. Todd Akin is the last politician who needs to prove his tea party cred. We trust him.


Akin Lives the Message

So when Todd Akin dashed from Springfield to Jefferson City to address the “Restore Common Sense” rally on the south steps of the Missouri Capitol, he didn’t do it to “prove” anything. He did it because Todd Akin believes what we believe: that governments and unions for government workers are bankrupting our futures.

Todd Akin didn’t need the message embodied by the tea party—Todd Akin lives and breathes the spirit of the tea party.

We need more Todd Akins in every level of government.

What You Can Do

When our politicians do the right thing, we need to be as loud in support as we are in dissent when they stray. Let’s begin by sending Todd Akin a thank you note for making the 5-hour round trip to Jefferson City today.

Click this link to thank Todd Akin for living the spirit of the tea party.

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