SHOCKER: Geriatric Guy Talks Dirty to 17 Year Old Patriot *UPDATE* Help ID the Perv

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In this disturbing video, an old union guy vividly describes tea-bagging to a 17-year-old high schooler. The reason?  The kid had the audacity to hand out free US Constitutions.

As you’ll see in the video from P/Oed Patriot and Sharp Elbows, the site of the Constitution at a union rally is like a crucifix and a pound of garlic in a vampire den.  You can actually watch as the document’s presence weakens the aging leftists. They age before your eyes.


The young man passing out Constitutions consented to the release of this video.

*UPDATE*  If you have any information on the identity of the old man in the cap, please email anonymously to

Here are full-on headshots of the pervert and his defender:

dirty old men (640x360)


  1. Those two are perverts. What a thing to say to a teenage boy! I do hope you find them and post their names so all can see. God bless you and your son for being so brave. What has this country come to when a young man passing out CONSTITUTIONS is talked to in this manner?

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