March 23, 2011

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L.K. Wood Makes His Case

You can help get these TV ads on the air. I will tell you how shortly.

Don’t in live in St. Louis County? You still have a horse in this race. I’ll tell you why after you watch this commercial.


Vote L. K. Wood, as everyone should, on April 5

Why should you care about this race if you don’t live in St. Louis County?

Because Chip’s opponent is a Harvard lawyer who’s being groomed for much bigger things. When a conservative emerges as a fast charger, the left does everything in its power—right or wrong—to destroy that person.

We don’t have to resort to the left’s unsavory tactics. We can simply win this race.

As you’ve seen, L.K. “Chip” Wood is an experienced real estate man, dedicated to running the assessor’s office right. His opponent is a career politician determined to protect County Boss Charlie Dooley, before moving on to damage America in higher offices.

Please donate now to Chip Wood for Assessor. Here’s the link: PUT THIS COMMERCIAL ON THE AIR