BREAKING: Zimmerman’s Sob Story Phony as a Football Bat
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PO’ed Patriot has the story.

Jake Zimmerman’s campaign rotates two themes:

1.  The St. Louis County Assessor should be a career political hack, not a seasoned real estate professional

2. His little old friend, Margaret, is in danger of losing her home.

But mostly St. Louis County government needs more Democrat political hacks.

Turns out that, just like Jake’s dad, his friend Margaret, a rather unsuccessful real estate investor, got a break on her property taxes.  Well, on her investment property, anyway.

I can’t believe anyone would vote for this guy.

  • Linda Sterrett

    So, this older lady has some extra income on one piece of rental property to supplement her retirement. So what? I believe that when people finally get where they have thier main residence payed for it should be thiers. We should not have to keep paying payments to the state for the rest of our lives. UMM..Where do the majority of these taxes go???let me think….Oh yeah…to find the retirement of teachers??? Isn’t that what the tea party express is fighting up in Wisconsin??? If our property taxes are ever going to get under control we are going to need to get the teachers retirements in line with the rest of us. They need to retire when they are 72 and get SS and invest in thier own 401K or whatever they call the State version.

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