St. Louis City: Arrogant, Anti-Freedom
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Sometimes I’m ashamed and embarrassed at my roots.  See, I graduated from the same Catholic grade school as St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay.  I shouldn’t be embarrassed, I know. But how else do I react to stories like this one from George Will.

It seems that Mayor Slay’s administration is busy trampling all over the rights of a citizen, Jim Roos.

Roos painted a sign on a building he owns that days “End Eminent Domain Abuse.”  Since that message runs counter to Slay’s policy of abusing eminent domain—and the First Amendment—the city ordered Roos to paint over the sign after denying him a permit.

The City prevailed in a federal court. In his ruling, the US District Judge Henry Autrey ruled, effectively, that political speech is unprotected if it contains a phone number for more information.

Will nails the problem with Slay, many judges, and government itself:

St. Louis is not the problem; government is. Many people go into it because they enjoy bossing people around.

That’s the reason for the Tea Party in a nutshell.  People go into government solely to boss other people around.

Let’s end eminent domain abuse. Let’s also end the Democrat’s multi-generational stranglehold on liberty in St. Louis City.

People of St. Louis’s 10th Aldermanic Ward can begin this correction by electing Jesse Irwin on Tuesday,  April 5. 

  • Tjheller

    Don’t feel bad about the school you attended. It did it’s job, it made you a thinking citizen. Even though you (and I) disagree with it, Mayor Slay should have a right to pursue policies he believes in, then let the voters, hopefully thinking voters, decide. When I talk to anyone who has a different idea on how things should be, I ask the question, how did you arrive at that? Then follow it up with Have you considered? When talking to the left most times it is because they got an email, or because Senator Foghorn says so, they never thought through the issue. I find most liberals/progressesive come to their decision, not through thought, but through faith, and they never consider the alternative.

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