April 28, 2011

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Tea Party Leader condones political violence: “It certainly has its place. It’s a tactic that should be used at the appropriate time. I believe in a violent overthrow . . . , and that freedom is found at the barrel of a gun”

Did I say “Tea Party Leader?” ** I meant labor union leader Don Giljum condones violence, intimidation, and sabotage.** Giljum’s the business manager for Operating Engineers Local 148 and a lecturer at University of Missouri-St. Louis. It’s in the UMSL classroom that he pontificates and brags about the . . . the uglier side of negotiations.

Here’s what he actually said about violence for political purposes:

It certainly has its place. It’s a tactic that should be used at the appropriate time. I believe in a violent overthrow of Bourgeois, and that freedom is found at the barrel of a gun

The Don Giljum Story

That’s not all Giljum said. When union guys warn about a problem but their managers don’t react the way the want them to, Giljum helps the union guys “make” the bad thing happen. Like that guy in 1993 floods who “made” the dike break after the Army Corps of Engineers dismissed his prediction that it would break. That kind of thing.

The technical term is “sabotage.”

Only Giljum’s guys work for Ameren. You know, they people who run the nuclear plant in Callaway County, Missouri. Actually, Giljum’s people run it; Ameren just owns it.

Maybe guys who like to use sabotage to get their way shouldn’t have anything to do with nuclear power plants. You think?

Oh, and Giljum likes to use intimidation and threats. He had some big guys stalk an executive, he tells students in a class funded by Missouri and US taxpayers. These goons did such a good job of stalking this guy that the guy started wearing body armor.

Is that a riot or what? Probably took a few years off the guy’s life, too, and made his family miserable. But, so what? All in a day’s work at the Local 148, right?

You Did Great Today

I heard from witnesses that Gov. Nixon’s phone rang incessantly today. Good. Tomorrow too, we hope. Nixon had to change his schedule today to avoid questions about Giljum, Ancel, and U of M’s $416 million in taxpayer funding.

If you agree with Giljum’s tactics and Jay Nixon’s tolerance of threats, violence, and sabotage, do nothing. The world will collapse around you.

But if you believe that sabotage and intimidation training has no place in a tax-funded university, please call your governor on Thursday, April 28.

Here’s the details:

  1. Call the Chancellors of all three schools at the numbers listed below. Tell them you demand that they fire everyone responsible for these classes, and that they take positive steps to prevent criminal instruction in the system.

    • Thomas F. George, Chancellor, University of Missouri-St. Louis 314-516-5252** Leo Morton, Chancellor, University of Missouri-Kansas City 816-235-1101** Brady J. Deaton , Chancellor, University of Missouri **573-882-3387**** And the U of M Interim President, Steve Owens, (573) 882-2011*
  2. Call your Missouri State Senator and ask him or to demand a vote on SB1, a bill that would give Missouri workers the right to opt out of union membership. You can look up your Senator here.*

  3. ** Call Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley** at 573-751-1488. Tell Speaker Tilley you want SB1 voted on and passed, and you don’t care how many of his donors it irritates.*

  4. Call Governor Jay Nixon at Phone: (573) 751-3222

Tell them you want the Labor Studies program suspended until the investigation is over. And you want sabotage and intimidation lessons banned from U of M classrooms.

P.S. We heard that the Patriot/Tea Party legislators in Jefferson City were aware of the University of Missouri story . . . and furious. But the establishment Republicans had no idea what anyone was talking about. We’ll be compiling names of Republicans who don’t need to return to Jefferson City in 2013, and another list of those who do.

Stay tuned.

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