One Question for Gail Hackett of UMKC
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GailHackettGail Hackett, UMKC Provost, released a deceitful, false, and irresponsible defense of UMKC instructors who encouraged students to use violence, sabotage, and intimidation to their way.

But Gail Hackett refuses to answer hard questions.

I have one question for the UMKC Provost:

Do you agree with Don Giljum’s statement “I believe in a violent overthrow of Bourgeois?” 

Before you answer, remember that Giljum’s use of the personal term “Bourgois” instead of the the class “bourguoisie” indicates that Giljim believes in violence against individual members of the middle class. 

In other words, Giljum – and by extension UMKC and UMSL – encourage students to violently attack middle class people.

Your answer?

  • kahki

    Good question. Since Hackett defends the course by claiming the videos were taken out of context, shouldn’t the University release the videos or a full transcript of them? Based on their claims, it seems that would be in the University’s best interest.

  • Theotherjimm

    How would she feel about a flash mob at her office? Or, at her home?

    • Yeah, well let’s not go there. I think she’ll come around.

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