It’s About Love

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Trent and Jennifer Humphries—hated by all the right people—just brought to tears to 5,200 eyes.

After Trent told us that the secret to our success is Christ’s love, his wife, Jennifer, described the depths to which evil journalists stooped in the moments following the Giffords shooting.

As the Humphries and their small children returned home from the grocery store, they learned that their next door neighbor—and a beloved friend—was killed in the tragedy. 

With the Humphries crying and mourning their neighbor’s life, reporters shoved cameras and microphones into Jennifer’s face and asked, “Are you responsible for the shooting?”

The left does not deserve their love. But the Humphries give it anyway.


  1. Bill, Thank you for making the time to visit us in Tucson today. It was truly a pleasure meeting you and Dana today.
    God Bless,
    Steve N.

    1. Thanks Bill! I am proud to know the Humphries and also very grateful for the solidarity of the Tea Party. It felt good to be in Tucson today.

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