Obama Makes It Worse
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“It” could refer to anything. Anything at all. 
In this case, though, I’m referring to unemployment.  Well, maybe I’m referring to the economy overall.
Unemployment rate rises to 9.1%, 54K jobs added « Hot Air
Obama has increased regulation, seized entire industries (auto, student loans, commercial banking, medicine), and borrowed more money faster than all previous presidents combined. 
Obama is a one-dictator disaster.  And an incompetent one at that.
If you don’t have a job, Obama made it worse.
If you have a job, Obama made it worse.
If you live in America, Obama made it worse.
Unless you’re a communist college professor or union boss, Obama made it worse.

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  • Anonymous

    Barack Hussein Obama is a disaster and is destroying this country. He is incompetent or is doing it on purpose. Either way it is not good for this country. The frustrating thing is some of the Presidential Candidates mention the fact that Obama is destroying this country, then go on to state what a nice , like-able guy he is. What? Hitler was a like-able guy at one time too and he also made the cover of Time Magazine. 

  • Hey buddy what the hell happened? I thought Boehner and the tea party caucus was going to bring wealth, jobs and prosperity to all.

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