Um, What’s Going On?
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Look, folks, let’s remember who’s on whose side.

Dana Loesch is a champion of liberty, the conservative grassroots, and everything else we stand for. And she’s a great friend to me, to the Tea Party, and, in a sense, to all of us. She’s elevated this movement locally and nationally like no one else.  You wouldn’t be reading this post if not for her.

I am so sorry that my piece from last night raised tempers. I tried to be wry and sarcastic, not angry.  I guess I failed. Please forgive me.

I am very sorry to Dana Loesch. I don’t know why some on our side are questioning her commitments to limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, and national defense. I won’t elevate the accusations by repeating them, but I will say this: if it’s true of Dana, it’s true of me.

And learn from my mistakes. I hurt a friend last night by not thinking before posting. Avoid that pain. It helps no one.

  • Gzotta

    I thought the Tea Party were people that represent the frustration over what has been happening in Washington. Tea Party people want their leaders to follow the Constitution; they want limited Government; less taxes and controlling spending. So, if a Candidate possesses those attributes why couldn’t they call themselves a Tea Party Candidate?

  • Well said sir, well said.  

  • Well said sir, well said.  

  • Dana Loesch is not a problem! She is a CHAMPION of everything conservative! We need her in this fight for principal’s, she is the sound of reason! And a dear asset in the fight for Freedom! We are lucky to have her in St. Louis! Let’s support and protect her. We could very easily lose her to New York or LA.

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