Who Else Wants To Know About Aerotropolis?

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With thanks to Show-Me Institute for their wonderful research.

Points to remember:


      1. Here is the problem, there are a handful of Reps who are standing up and voting against Aerotropolis and they get no credit but get lumped in with the rest of the Reps. Rep. Bahr wrote a Capitol Report against Aerotropolis and was interviewed by KMOX for his stand. It is well known that he votes based upon his beliefs not what leadership wants. He has made Fired Up Missouri more than once. And there are other Freshmen Reps doing the same thing. But they do not get support, emails, or phone calls telling them that they are appreciated for their stands. Besides calling the ones you disagree with, it would be nice to give recognition to those that stand on principles. It is not easy to tell Leadership, “No.” 

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