August 2, 2011

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What Everybody Ought to Know About the Debt Deal

There’s hysteria on both sides.  From Satan Sandwiches to “killing future generations,” you’d think Congress is voting on a bill to launch the US nuclear arsenal on Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

There are reasons to distrust the deal.  I distrust it.

There are great reasons to distrust the Congressional committee charged with finding more cuts.

The bill does far too little, too slowly, to prevent a credit rating cut in the near future.

And I don’t think the world would end without raising the debt ceiling.

That said, the reality is something was going to give. Most members of Congress are Establishment—and the Establishment hates risk, even smart, principled risk.  Sorry—just reality.

So let’s keep pushing for more cuts, for entitlement reform, for a government that obeys the law and operates within the limits of our Constitution.

The Tea Party movement rattled both Establishment Republicans and President Obama.  We have a voice. But if we scream ourselves hoarse, that voice will weaken—and the many, many Unknowing Believers will close their minds to us.