August 9, 2011

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So Much for the Experts

Rule by the cleverest brute dominated most of human history. Then came the bizarre notion – in Greece and Rome to degrees, but mostly in the USA – of rule by the governed.

Rule by the governed gave way in 20th century to rule by experts.

Many so called “conservatives” warned against the expert thing. Eventually, conservatives believed, the experts would either fall prey to the clever brutes or to a world too complex for a small group to manage.

We avoided, up to now, the clever brutes. But that complex world, manageable by individuals working together voluntarily, has proven too much for the geniuses like Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke.

The world will change a lot over the next 15 years.  The experts having been discredited, we will choose to trust ourselves and each other—or we will submit a clever brute.

Choose wisely.