was never supposed to happen
Reading Time: 1 minutes co-founder Christopher ArpsThis weekend, held its first conference. The location was the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the airport. The event launched the Sherman T. Parker Scholarship for African-American Political Science students.

But that’s not the big story.

The big story is this: has cheated history.

Why “cheated?” Because the past 50 years of American liberal history has prepared American blacks for one purpose: compliance.

Using victimhood, welfare, crime, destructive education, and programs designed to destroy families, American liberals from Ted Kennedy to Barack Obama chained African-Americans to “Uncle Sam’s Plantation,” as Star Parker so aptly puts it.

The entire statist system, in fact, was designed to prevent blacks from ever realizing their personal or community potential. 

But this weekend in St. Louis, a network of African-American conservatives threw off the chains of government limitation.  Fighting through a barrage of racial smears—Uncle Tom, Sambo, self-haters—these champions of human dignity cheated history, defied their Democrat Party masters, and planted their flag in the heart of dying Civil Right Industry, Inc. ™

Adding insult to statist injuries, Martin D. Baker—a Navy veteran and conservative warrior—announced his intention to unseat 1st District overlord, Lacy Clay.  Here’s the announcement.

I could not be more proud than I am to have witnessed history change. Congratulations to Chris Arps, Martin Baker, Stephanie Rubach, Andre Harper, Stacy Washington, and everyone else, including attendees, who have begun restoration of the American promise.

  • philmon cluebattingcage

    Guys, this is very good to see!!!

  • Tom Jeffrey

    Congratulations, Stephanie!  I know you put a lot of hard work into this.

  • Randall Gill

    I will be more than happy to vote for Mr. Baker.  I have lived in the first district for 34 years now, and it is time to have someone other than the Clay family machine representing this district.

  • Genehutchins

    Hoorah!!!  Have Faith Not Fear!

  • Linuxguy1

    All this without any coverage by the STL Post Disgrace that I could find…..

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