August 15, 2011

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5 Ways Warren Buffett Can Take Personal Responsibility and Stop Relying on Government to Solve His Problems

Warren Buffett makes the erroneous claim that he pays less in taxes than does his secretary. He claims that the government thus “coddles” the alg_warren_buffett rich. He asks the government to increase his taxes, and the taxes of others like him, as if he is incapable of doing that on his own.

Buffett is half right. He proves that government coddles people by** asking the government to solve his problem of guilt**.

To help Buffett learn to take care of himself, without government help. here are 3 ways he can assuage his guilt and built his self-esteem by solving the problem himself.

  1. Pay all you want to the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

  2. Go Galt. Make less money. Give away what you have.

  3. Refuse all corporate welfare and tax breaks for all Berkshire-Hathaway companies, saving the treasury billions.

  4. Return the billions in corporate welfare that your companies have claimed over the past 5 years.

  5. Pay your poor secretary more. Increase her salary until she’s in the same, privileged, low tax bracket you enjoy.

There. Three simple ways that you, Warren Buffett, can solve your little guilt problem without asking the government to fix your problems for you.

BTW, Mr. Buffett, please realize that giving the government 100% of your wealth and all future earnings will have almost no effect on the national debt. But it will add your name to the dole.

Now, since we’re all capitalists around here, and because I’d like to get closer to your low tax bracket, where do I send my invoice for $250,000 for this advice?