August 30, 2011

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Who Would Call Out Maxine Waters? Martin Baker Would

Martin Baker, candidate for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District, lays it on the line,

challenging Tea Party critics Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson.

Read Martin’s challenge:

Today, I am inviting both of these distinguished ladies to St Louis, Missouri to tell me and my Tea Party compatriots in person why we should go straight to Hell. Congresswoman Waters should know the way here, having been born and raised in our esteemed area and a graduate of Vashon High School, which is in the St Louis Public School District. Unfortunately, that area and district have changed remarkably since her departure. If she comes, she will come home to nearly 17% unemployment in the African-American Community, high crime rates, and diminished hope. I would like to ask her what her comments do to address the needs for real education and healthcare reform, what they do to reduce unemployment, and finally, what they do to stop the out-of-control government spending of our taxpayer dollars both here in St Louis and nationwide.

I love this.  Martin Baker, in one paragraph, summarizes 50 years of the Democrat war on cities.  He nails the Democrats on the massive and anti-human collateral damage to African-Americans.  He politely shows Maxine Waters that her legacy is all “D”:  dependence, despondency, depression, and death.