September 10, 2011

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Why Did I Do an Internet Radio Program?

A couple of years ago, I stopped doing internet radio. I had several reasons for my decisions, and I stuck to them.

When Mark Gillar of Tea Party Power Hour asked me to come onto his show, I broke my rule. Here’s why.

First, Mark Gillar’s professionalism and sincerity are spectacular.  His show is his mission to advance liberty and good government.

Second, Tea Party Power Hour has hosted some amazing guests–folks I’m very honored and very humbled to follow.

Finally, though, I appeared on the Power Hour because I’m so proud of what you’ve done in the St. Louis area. I wanted to spread the word around the nation: St. Louis hearts pump the life blood of this movement.

Please take a little break this weekend and listen to the Tea Party Power Hour.  And tell the world you’re listening on Facebook and Twitter.

Then, get the Tea Party S.O.B. Brigade T-Shirts.