March 19, 2012

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Action Alert: Help a David defeat a Goliath

If you think the Tea Party’s job was to strengthen the Republican Establishment, stop reading.

**If you think the Tea Party and the conservative grassroots stands for something larger than party,  then you’re needed right now. ** A great grassroots candidate in Illinois needs an hour of your time today or tomorrow–to make calls, knock doors, wave signs, or work at polls.

The GOP Establishment is pulling out all the stops. Lacking committed grassroots in Southern Illinois, they’re bringing in hired guns from Chicago and around the state. They’ve spent thousands mailing out scandal sheets full of lies about the insurgent grassroots candidate in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District. Meanwhile, the Establishment candidate is threatened with being sued by a family issues PAC for defamation.

The GOP Establishment is desperate.

Without your help, though, the Establishment will only grow stronger. When the beast is desperate, it pulls out all the stops.  Heck, they’ve even harassed our St. Louis Tea Party ladies, some of whom didn’t even know about the IL-12 race!  Like I said, they’re in a full panic.

Here’s what you can do. ** You can help send a message to the GOP Establishment and Washington.  You can help a grassroots conservative, a leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a decorated police officer, and a former budget-balancing mayor to Congress.**

His name is Rodger Cook.  Mayor Cook has won my endorsement. He’s won Phyllis Schlafly’s endorsement, along with Eagle Forum’s.  He’s won the Fraternal Order of Police endorsement.  He’s won exclusive praise from Adam Andrzejewski, who said:

Since 2010, I’ve called on the leadership of both political parties to release their income tax returns. This is the single most important ethics policy that would challenge the culture of corruption in Illinois. Rodger Cook is leading on and issuing the clarion call on the best policy.

Please help this David named Rodger Cook, a former Belleville police officer and Belleville mayor, defeat the Establishment Goliath on Tuesday, March 20.  Here’s what you can do.

  1. Show up anytime Monday or Tuesday at

Cook for Congress HQ (here’s the map) 707 North State Street Freeburg, IL 62243

  1. If you live in IL-12, vote EARLY on Tuesday and tweet “I voted for Rodger @CookforCongress in #IL12. Retweet if you did, too.”

  2. Make this Cook for Congress badge your Facebook and Twitter avatar.

It’s time to choose: David or Goliath?

In 2009, I heard over and over again, that it’s the Primary, not the general election, the decides the fate of our republic.

Well, here’s a primary where you have a chance to make a difference.  **With a little help, Illinois will send another competent, honest man to Washington–a man who balanced a city budget without raising taxes. **

Or we can reward the establishment.

Just one hour.

Just one phone call to a friend in Illinois.

Just one vote.

Just one David.

Just one day ’til the election.