Here’s One Way the Government’s Making Medicine Worse in America

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I had to go to the doctor today. The reason’s not important.  Here’s what is:

It took my doctor 10 minutes to describe my symptoms into a government-mandated voice recognition system.  

In the old days, the doctor took notes.  Now, he has to recite his observations into a Mad Men-era dictaphone. “Male, age 48, blood pressure one-twenty-one over seventy-three . . . ”

The damn machine (government medical technology) couldn’t understand half the doctor’s words.  And they were household words, like “absent,” “weight-lifter,” and “bleeding.”

This is the DMV in your doctor’s office.  This is bureau-care.  This is Obamacare–a ten minute exam stretched to twenty with aggravation driven through the roof.

Let’s pray like mad the Supreme Court’s ruling will rule Obamacare unconstitutional.  And I wouldn’t mind it if the majority opinion included a second opinion: “And it’s stupid.”

BTW, The After Party is at Helen Fitzgerald’s at 7 tonight (Thursday, June 21). And the LATimes believes the Supreme Court could hand down its Obamacare ruling today (Thursday).  That makes The After Party your chance to celebrate victory or plot our next move.

See you Helen’s at 7.

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