The Establishment’s Creed

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I believe in cash, the money almighty, creator of happiness and wealth; and in Big Corporations, its only friend, which were conceived by the holy government, born of the power to tax, suffered under regulations, were criticized, bankrupted, and neglected. On the second vote, the bail-out passed, and they ascended into The Fed. They are seated at the right hand of Government from whence they shall come to lobby for tax breaks with more debt.

I believe in the holy income tax, the holy eminent domain, the forgiveness of squishes, the resurrection of the Bushes, and government everlasting.



  • ben w.

    March 4, 2013

    my favorite part: “the resurrection of the Bushes”

    hahaha. so true!

  • Gaius Artorius Faustus

    February 28, 2013

    And they are really subservient to the Liberal’s Creed. It’s very simple.
    “I believe I’M GOD”

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