Today Is National Stomp On Marx Day

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Join the fun and Stomp On Marx!


Stomping on things is all the rage on some college campuses. But the kids are missing out on the real fun.

Here’s an exercise I highly recommend for teachers of kids age 14 and up.

Stomp On Marx!

Here’s how you do it.

1. Download and print this picture of the father of communism, Karl Marx. (click for larger image)


2. Ask each student to stand and stare at the image for 30 seconds.

3. Ask the student to place the image on the floor in front of him or her, face up.

4. Ask the student to Stomp On Marx—right in the middle of his face.

Remember, print only ONE copy of the picture and make all the kids share it . . . because Marx would have wanted it that way.

After the last student is done, ask the class to write a short paragraph describing the experience. Then give everybody an A no matter how half-assed or idiotic the paragraphs were.

Better yet, assign legitimate grades for the writing quality, the honesty, and the thoughtfulness of each paragraph. Write the letter grade on a Post-It Note for each paragraph and stick it to the paper. Then instruct all the students who received an A to trade their grade with a student who got an F. Bs switch with Ds.  Cs get to keep their mediocre, “showed no effort” grades.

Hang the short essays on the wall outside the class. Hang the mutilated image of Karl Marx above the essays.

Finally, update your resume, because you’re about to embark on a new career.

Use This One Word Because It Makes You More Influential

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Don’t ask me to explain why the human brain works the way it does. And don’t ask me how scientists get the idea for some experiments.

Instead, take note of the most influential work in the English language, because I want you to be more influential.

What’s that one word?

It’s not “you” or “free” or “instantly” or “new.”  They’re very powerful words, as every copywriter knows. But they’re not the most influential.

The most influential word comes from The Wizard of Oz.

Because, because, because. This is amazing science that will make you more influential

Becuz becuz becuz becuz beCUZ!

Because Is the Most Influential Word, Because It Is

Researcher Ellen Langer wanted to see how to make requests more persuasive. She had her researchers approach lines to copiers in busy offices and asked if they could go next. Each time, researchers used a very specific request: “Excuse me, I have five pages. Could I use the copier next?”

When asked this way, sixty percent of the time the people already in line let the researchers butt in. Not bad.

When the researchers added “because I’m in a rush,” the number soared from 60 percent to 94 percent!

But here’s where the word “because” really earns its stripes.  Researchers realized “because I’m in a hurry” made sense.  What if the “because” clause was meaningless.

They ran the experiment one more time, this time asking, “May I use the Xerox machine, because I have to make copies.”  Well, of course, they had to make copies. Why else would they be asking to use the Xerox machine?

You’d think such a silly request would prompt the people in line to say “get lost.”  But that didn’t happen. What did happen was astonishing, and it made the word “because” easily the most influential word in English.

When asked “May I use the Xerox machine, because I have to make copies,” 93 percent of the people in line said “sure.”

Like I said, don’t ask me to explain why the brain works this way, just remember that it does.

When you ask someone to go vote on April 2, add a because clause.  “Will you vote on April 2, because it’s an election day,” will be as effective as “will you vote on April 2, because your liberty depends on it.”

Now, go find out:

Why the Sequester Was Worse Before It Happened

How Psychological Biases Hurt Government

And here’s the book that’ll make you more influential: Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

Source:  The Xerox studies can be found in: Langer, E., Blank, A., and Chanowitz, B. (1978). The mindlessness of ostensibly thoughtful action: The role of “placebic” information in interpersonal interaction. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 36: 639– 42. Retrieved from Goldstein, Noah J.; Martin, Steve J.; Robert B. Cialdini (2008-06-10). Yes! (Kindle Locations 2882-2884). Simon & Schuster, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

ACTION: You Can Save the 2nd Amendment in Missouri *UPDATE* Senate Committee Approves the Bill

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A lot of activity on the 2nd Amendment front.

The 2nd Amendment needs your help Wednesday, March 27 in Jefferson City

First, the Missouri Senate subpoenaed the Department of Revenue. This story tells you why.

Second, I just received this urgent request for support from Ron Calzone:

March 26, 2013


Missouri Senate senator Kurt Schaefer is on a roll…

This evening (Tuesday) his amendment strengthening our right to keep and bear arms (SJR 14) was “perfected” by the entire senate.  That’s the first round of approval by the whole Senate.

The perfection vote came after about 5 hours of lone filibuster by Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

It’s interesting to note that most of her fellow Democrats are coming down on the side of respecting our 2nd Amendment rights.

Another vote is needed by the entire Senate before this SJR is passed on to the House for the vote.  Once the House approves it, it will go on the ballot for the People to vote on — it skips the Governor.

YOUR HELP NEEDED WEDNESDAY (I know this is short notice…)

Also finally moving in the Senate is Sen. Brian Nieves’ SB 325 — recall that this is the “complete solution” bill that makes the regulation of guns totally a state matter, getting the federal government out of the way.

Wednesday at 2:30, Nieves’ General Laws Committee will meet in the Pershing Gallery, next to the Senate Chamber, to vote on bills they want to advance to the entire Senate.  Your presence at that meeting will be good encouragement and support for them to make SB 325 a priority.

Also Wednesday, we needs some teams of 3 or 4 people to canvas House members, asking them to hang the “I support the Second Amendment Preservation Act” posters.  We want these posters all over the Capitol!

If you can help with that, email me or text me [number redacted].

We will start about 9:00 am, but you can still help later in the day.

For Liberty,

– Ron

Folks, I can’t make it to Jefferson City tomorrow, but I’d be much obliged if someone would go on my behalf.

If you do go, don’t forget to check in on Foursquare and Facebook and tweet about your efforts. Tell the world what you’re doing. We all need the encouragement.

*UPDATE* From Ron Calzone:

With a party line 4 – 2 vote, the Missouri Senate General Laws Committee voted to send SB 325 on to the full senate for consideration.

This is a major milestone, but there’s still a lot to do before this bill becomes a law.

Namely, the president pro tem, Sen. Tom Dempsey, must place it on the calendar promptly and then majority floor leader, Sen. Ron Richard, must carve out valuable time on the senate floor for debate.

In the mean time, the House version of this bill, HB 426, is not progressing as fast as we would like.  There’s a chance the House General Laws committee, chaired by Rep. Caleb Jones, will vote on this bill Thursday.   Unfortunately, there is also some talk about rolling some other gun rights bills into HB 436.

We think that’s a bad idea, considering the special focus of this bill, which is to make Missouri immune from federal infringements on the right to keep and bear arms.

We’re hoping that the House will keep HB 436 “pure” and also soon catch up to the Senate.

Speaking of the Senate, stay tuned for news about SJR 14, the amendment to Missouri’s right to bear arms constitutional clause.  There may be some additional developments on it very soon.


Get Rewarded Just For Reading Hennessy’s View

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This couldn’t get any easier.

Look over to the right.  See this?


That’s the Hennessy’s View Game Center. Just click the avatar and register using your Twitter or Facebook ID. You’ll earn points and badges for just for visiting.  You can earn even faster for sharing your favorite posts on social media.

Get extra credits for watching videos. And there’s no easier way to score than to comment.

Special recognition for leaders!

Register now and start earning, because the longer you wait, the hard it’ll be to catch up.

Before You Slam the Loudons for Reality TV Show, Watch This

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Our old friends John and Gina Loudon appear on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap this Thursday, March 28.

A lot of my friends have asked “what were they thinking?”

Dr. Gina explains what they were thinking:

My Take

The Loudons took a big gamble. It’s about time someone did.

Gina is dead on. As I’ve been saying for awhile, we have to break out of our affinity bubbles. That means going to places we might not be accepted.

Want to stick to your affinity bubble? Then don’t bitch when the Democrats dominate the 2014 and 2016 elections, when libertarianism or conservatism or however you brand yourself is a tiny little subset of politics that matters to no one.