We Interrupt This Blog To Gloat Over T.J. Oshie and Team USA
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TV hockey color man Eddie Olczyk said during the USA vs. Slovakia game that TJ Oshie would become well-known in the hockey world during these Olympics.

Eddie nailed it.

@OSH74 scored 4 shootout goals in 6 chances to lead Team USA to 3-2 win over Russia this morning.

The official St. Louis Blues website: T.J. Sochi!

Get your tickets at stlouisblues.com
Get your tickets at stlouisblues.com
Check out these Bruins fans at a Boston bar:

Here’s TJ Oshie’s updated Wikipedia page:
TJ Oshie is an American hero
T.J. Oshie’s Wikipedia entry after Oshie lifted Team USA to 3-2 shootout win over Russia in 2014 Winter Olympics. Oshie scored on 4 of 6 shootouts, including the game winner.

People made fun of me for using this image as my iPhone lock screen background:

America’s newest hockey hero, T.J. Oshie
Here’s the game winner. From another bar:

Finally, a little stroll down Olympic hockey memory lane:

  • Well I thought this would mention Oshie’s comment when he was called a hero, but I don’t seem to find it mentioned???? TJ Oshie said no, I am not a hero, heroes wear camouflage. A friends son who is in Afghanistan texted his mom: Mom, I know it’s early but I would like a TJ Oshie shirt for Christmas. That’s a story!

    • I hadn’t heard his troops comment until after I posted, but it didn’t surprise me a bit. Oshie is class all the way

    • Brenda Rupp

      Thanks for sharing this.

  • T J Sochie!

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