Eileen Tyrrell Is Only Rockwood Candidate In It For All Stakeholders

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Eileen Tyrrell is the only candidate who represents ALL the stakeholders in Rockwood School District.

While other candidates focus on more money for the system, Eileen focuses on using Rockwood’s (embarrassingly) ample resources better.

Here’s what you need to ask youself:

  1. Do you plan to fulfill your duty to vote on April 8?
  2. What time of day do you plan to vote?

  3. Where will be and what will you be doing immediately before you go to vote?

See you at the polls on April 8 to vote for Eileen Tyrrell.


  1. You couldnt be more right, Mr Hennessy. She’s willing to take the heat from the “status quo” crowd in order to get to the closely guarded Truth. She will serve the interest of the Taxpayer & help restore ethical practices to the Rockwood School Board.

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