Memorial Day 2014

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Not all casualties of war die in the field. Or even during hostilities.

We’ve learned that some of our warriors died because they landed on a “secret waiting list.”

Bureaucrats love pleasing their bosses. They live for it. In the case of the Veterans Administration, bureaucrats fired the final shot in the wars of at least 40 American warriors.

Sadly, the American government proved a deadlier foe than Hitler, Tito, Saddam, or bin Laden to some of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines.

On this Memorial Day, I’ll remember all, but particularly those who gave their last, full measure of devotion right here on the home front, against an enemy that pretends to be the purpose of their sacrifice.


  1. When Americans stopped calling soldiers “troops” and started calling them “WARRIORS”, the USA changed from a country to a Street Gang. This warrior mentality is as transparent as it is belligerent.

    1. Yeah. And now we’ve militarized the police in cities and towns across the county. The US government treats us as its primary enemy. And you know–that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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