How To Be President When Russia Goes Berserk Starring Ronald Reagan

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Since the scrawny punk from Chicago still hasn’t figured it out, this President 101 lesson delivered without further comment:

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  1. Well done and Thank You, Bill. Only missed being the most classic example ever of “Throw Back Thursday” by one day! This almost brought a tear to my eye as I was reminded of Reagan’s leadership and then compared it to what we have been brought down to today. Will the American people ever again fit the description given by Japanese Admiral Yamamoto when informed that his attack on Pearl Harbor was without warning, “I fear that all we have done is to Awaken a Sleeping Giant and Fill Him with a Terrible Resolve!”?

  2. Absolutely incredible…listening to this really drives home the fact that this country has not had a leader since this great man left office. This video makes me proud of this country but equally pissed it’s state of affairs.
    Thanks for sharing this Billy.

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