Hypocrisy of the Left on Self-Identification

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I’ll make this brief.

If we must respect (revere?) the erstwhile Bruce Jenner for self-identifying as a woman, we have to respect Rachel Dolezal for self-identifying as black.

Both voluntarily left the world of privilege, as it were, to join an underclass–an identifiable minority. Jenner left manhood; Dolezal left whitehood.

The left doesn’t see it that way, though. Apparently, rejecting one’s biological sex is okay, but rejecting one’s biological race isn’t.

My advice to Caitlyn Jenner: stop at sex. If you decide you’re black, all that goodwill you’re feeling will disappear.

Because hypocrisy is Greek for progressive.

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Hypocrisy of the Left on Self-Identification

  1. Except, people started to see their hypocrisy and are now embracing her. Because : love. I love people, but I don’t have to like or agree with what they do.

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