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911 Beauty Salon Targeted by Looters. Please Help
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Our adopted Ferguson business, the 911 Beauty Salon, appears to have been a target of looters tonight according to KTVI 2.

Don’t Let the Looters Win! Save 911

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Dellena Jones’s business was already struggling. She didn’t need this.

Let’s prove that we believe in free enterprise entrepreneurship. That we can help our neighbors.

You can donate to help Dellena on this GoFundMe project

Don’t Let the Looters Win! Save 911

Thank you. God bless Ferguson.


  • Nick, I hope my question in the comments didn’t come off wrong. I, too, draw a bright line between protestors and vandals. The previous commenter seemed to imply that a break-in isn’t looting. I think of looting as stealing under the cover of distraction–war, natural disaster, etc. As opposed to breaking and entering without the cover of some big attention-getter.

  • Do you blame shoppers for shoplifting? It would be impossible to shoplift if it wasn’t for all those shoppers providing cover. Personally, I place more importance on people exercising their constitutional rights to speech and assembly than going to Walmart for a pack of toilet paper or a case of beer.

  • A

    This was a robbery unrelated to the protest; not looting. 12 youths reportedly stole a cash register and ditched it within 50 yards.

    • Thanks for the update.

      But for clarification, what’s the difference between looting, on one hand, and 12 people using the cover of a protest to break into a store and steal, on the other hand?

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