Results of the Cabinet Matching Game
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A couple weeks ago, I published a simple game for political nerds. Assuming the next president must build a cabinet from current candidates for the Republican nomination for president, how would you assign candidates to cabinet positions.

This was meant to be a fun exercise for people who spend too much time thinking about politics. Like the leaders-eat-last poll, this required hide, often dissatisfying choices. As a result, only six people completed the exercise which took up to a half hour.

Here’s the cabinet you put together, using only the top position for candidate:

  • Carly Fiorina: Secretary of Commerce
  • Ben Carson: Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Jeb Bush: (4-way tie) Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of State, Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Energy
  • Ted Cruz: Attorney General
  • Rand Paul: Secretary of Treasury
  • Marco Rubio: Secretary of Energy
  • Scott Walker: Secretary of Labor
  • Chris Christie: Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  • Mike Huckabee: Secretary of Agriculture
  • Donald Trump: Secretary of Treasury
  • John Kasich: Secretary of Interior
  • George Pataki: Secretary of Trasnportation
  • Jim Gilmore: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  • Bobby Jindal: Secretary of Education
  • Lindsey Graham: Secretary of Defense
  • Rick Perry: Secretary of Homeland Security

You might also be interested in the results of my poll on Leaders Eat Last.

Complete results available here.

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