Great Radio with Larry Kudlow and Friends

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Wow! Larry Kudlow really like Turning On Trump. You can listen to my interview with Larry here. My hit starts at 1:36:48, but the whole show is great.


On Wednesday, Mark Reardon and I had a great Trump conversation on KMOX Radio. You can listen to that here. You should probably follow Mark on twitter:

And if you missed it, Jamie Allman was so gracious and kind to have me on The Allman Report on Friday. Here’s that video.

If you’re wondering why I’m getting media attention, you’ll find the answer in my new book.

Permission to Trump, Episode 2

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Ed Martin Jr. and I got together again to talk about why you might give yourself Permission to Trump. It’s important that you do.

This week’s episode focuses on:

  • FBI Director’s report on Hillary Clinton’s illegal and dangerous abuse of classified information
  • The horrific massacre of police officers in Dallas
  • Bill’s new book, Turning On Trump

Feel free to share this post with all your friends. They might like a copy of Turning On Trump, too.