Day: July 13, 2016

2016 Election, Trump

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Totally Had This Coming

You know how this game goes. You make a wish, I’ll do my damnedest to grant it. Because I am just that kink  kind of guy. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka Notorious RBG, made a wish last week. Being a lawyer, her wish came with a contingency. I just launched a GoFund.Me project to grant her that …

2016 Election, Trump

Why NeverTrump Will Support Down-Ballot Dems

It’s possible that some NeverTrumper has already gone there, but I haven’t seen it. Up until now, one complaint of the NeverTurmpers has been that Mr. Trump will hurt Republicans running for Senate, the House, and state offices. They make this claim knowing full well that Trump is ahead of Romney in every poll and with …