Day: July 15, 2016

2016 Election, Trump

NeverTrump Blows Up Like a Poisoned Dog

Do Not Push

The Never Trump movement tried to make a stand. It failed by a massive margin. –Kyle Cheney, Politico It wasn’t even close, and I feel guilty. I don’t look at Facebook too often. I have been on Facebook lately because it’s a great vehicle for book sales, but I really don’t like it. One problem …

2016 Election, Terrorism, Trump

You Won’t Believe How Many Islamic Terrorist Attacks This Year

Good morning. One of the reasons Trump will win in a landslide is safety. Trump has warned for years that we are weak and political correctness makes us weaker. Everybody knows he’s right. NeverTrumpers were saying this until Trump said it. Last night, a Muslim terrorist killed at least 84 people in Nice, France. They …

2016 Election, Missouri

Why I’m Voting for Eric Greitens Governor

I believe the greatest threat to human freedom and thriving is the political class. That smirking political class infects both Washington, DC, and Jefferson City, Missouri. And I believe only one candidate has the courage, the brains, and the commitment to destroy that political class in Missouri. That candidate is Eric Greitens. Do you want …