NeverTrump Blows Up Like a Poisoned Dog

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The Never Trump movement tried to make a stand. It failed by a massive margin.

–Kyle Cheney, Politico

It wasn’t even close, and I feel guilty.

I don’t look at Facebook too often. I have been on Facebook lately because it’s a great vehicle for book sales, but I really don’t like it.

One problem with Facebook is that I can see what people are thinking. And so many people I know and respect think some really dumb things. Especially the NeverTrumpers.

As the Republican Convention neared, the NeverTrump rank-and-file believed all the lies told by their fearless leaders. Kendal Unruh had been assuring reporters and followers that the vote on a rules change would be “close.” It wasn’t. But before Thursday’s defeat, NeverTrumpers were smug.

One NeverTrumper dreamed on Facebook of the convention chairman announcing the results of the anti-Trump rules vote by yelling at Mr. Trump: “You’re fired!”

Vote Wasn’t Close

That ain’t gonna happen.

According to Politco:

Efforts to block Donald Trump’s nomination — hyped for months by proponents as a growing grassroots movement among Republican activists attending next week’s convention — turned out to be a flop.

During key votes on Thursday evening, only 12 hardcore holdouts continued to resist Trump’s nomination as they were when members of on the powerful 112-member Convention Rules Committee considered a proposal to prevent delegates from rejecting Trump. A long-anticipated “conscience clause” proposal intended to stymie Trump fizzled with similarly minimal support.

The NeverTrump results were so bad supporters of the measures opted for voice votes. They didn’t want their humiliation recorded.

What’s Next for NeverTrump?

Bill Kristol has vowed to continue using the NeverTrump movement to make money for himself. Kristol isn’t really a NeverTrumper, just an opportunist.

But what about the rest of the movement?

Some who have made only a few public identity claims of NeverTrumpism will quietly join the winning team. These NeverTrumpers will get all caught up in the hoopla of the convention. They’ll look at the latest weekly terror attack, they’ll realize that a crooked Hillary administration would leave America under sharia law after four years. They’ll humbly decide to support the best choice for President.

A few will actively campaign for the Libertarian candidate, knowing that their efforts could help Hillary Clinton but could never help the Libertarian win. In their minds, they’ll be justified in supporting a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage candidate. When you hear their justifications, though, you’ll walk away scratching your head.

Finally, there are those radicalized NeverTrumpers like National Review’s Kevin Williamson and George Will. These guys are hopeless psychological messes. They will not only support Hillary Clinton but, as Trump’s landslide victory becomes obvious, these radical NeverTrumpers will throw their support to Democratic Senate candidates.

For the grassroots people who fought against Trump to the end, it’s time to buy my book, Turning On Trump. If I can do it, you can, too. And there’s a lot of work to be done.

You Won’t Believe How Many Islamic Terrorist Attacks This Year

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Good morning.

One of the reasons Trump will win in a landslide is safety. Trump has warned for years that we are weak and political correctness makes us weaker. Everybody knows he’s right. NeverTrumpers were saying this until Trump said it.

Last night, a Muslim terrorist killed at least 84 people in Nice, France. They were ordinary people lined up to watch fireworks, the same way you did on the 4th of July. Now, they’re dead because the EU and the French government has open borders. The terrorist was a Tunisian. 

Does it seem as if there’s a new terror attack every week? That’s probably because there is. Actually, 2016 has seen an average of 45.3 Islamic terror attacks per week. That’s 1,268 terror attacks so far. The list huge.

Those 1,268 Islamic terror attacks killed 11,664 people and wounded 14,087 people.

And we have 24 weeks to go in the year.

Only one candidate wants to protect Americans first, and that’s Donald Trump. 

As I pointed out in Turning On Trump, the Islamic terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino jolted me. That’s when I started seriously considering Mr. Trump. Those attacks made it clear as a mountain stream that our leaders were doing nothing to protect us. They’re letting in thousands of refugees infused with terrorists.

These refugees carry diseases that we never allowed into our country. Democrats say it’s okay for Americans to die if that’s the price we have to pay to let in refugees. Hillary Clinton wants more refugees with diseases and terrorists in their midst. I don’t.

As Phyllis Schlafly said in December, Donald Trump seems to be our last hope. At the time, I thought she was exaggerating. But I don’t now. Donald Trump is our last hope. 

This is what open borders look like:

Why I’m Voting for Eric Greitens Governor

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I believe the greatest threat to human freedom and thriving is the political class. That smirking political class infects both Washington, DC, and Jefferson City, Missouri. And I believe only one candidate has the courage, the brains, and the commitment to destroy that political class in Missouri. That candidate is Eric Greitens.

Do you want to live as a slave to that smirking political class? Or do you want to live free and thrive?

Three Republican candidates for governor have crawled to the political class for help. One has not. That one is Eric Greitens.

Some of my friends attack Mr. Greitens, even on the St. Louis Tea Party blog, which I operate and fund. I let their attacks go out, under my name, not because I agree, but because I trust the people.

We have a simple policy for the contributors to that blog: write what you believe. If other contributors disagree, they can write what they believe. The people will sort it out. So, now, it’s my turn.

Remnant No More

Many Tea Partiers want to remain political remnants. Political martyrs. Slaves to a self-imposed conformity. Self-righteous worshippers at the altar of the smirking political class. I know their feelings because I was a remnant for most of my life.

The president of the American Enterprise Institute, Dr. Arthur C. Brooks, explained the phenomenon in his book The Conservative Heart:

The Tea Party rebellion, and the conservative grassroots it has energized, thus have some choices to make: Does it want to remain at step one, settle for 19 percent support (and falling), and become a permanent political remnant— capable of setting political brushfires, but too weak to bring about real lasting change in our nation? Or does it want to make a run at majority status and build a popular social movement that changes our country forever? Do Tea Party activists want to remain little more than the guardian of fiscally conservative orthodoxy holding the Republican establishment’s feet to the fire? Or can the Tea Party become something bigger— a transformational, majoritarian force in American politics that does not simply rebel against American decline, but reverses it?

The truth is, if we want to reverse American decline, and not just rail against it, then we do in fact need a conservative majority to prevail. That requires that Tea Party patriots start thinking like a majoritarian social movement.

A vote for anyone other than Eric Greitens is a vote for permanent remnant status.

Yes, Eric Greitens began life as a Democrat, just like Ronald Reagan did. Yes, Eric Greitens applauded Democrats’ speeches, just like Ronald Reagan did. Yes, Eric Greitens wrote in support of big government programs, just like Ronald Reagan did.

But Eric Greitens has seen fit to move to the right because he’s seen the damage done by the policies he once endorsed. Sensible people would help him make those corrections. Eric Greitens is fully equipped and prepared to fix Missouri.

The more Eric sees government in action, the more he seeks to restrain government.

Just like Ronald Reagan.

And Greitens is the only Republican likely to beat the Democrat in November.

The Political Class Bleeds and Chokes Conservatism

Eric’s opponents in this race have two things in common:

  1. They’re (mostly) good people who love America and recite the conservative credo by heart.
  2. They’ve all pledged allegiance to the smirking political class.

As long as that smirking political class holds sway in Jefferson City, our limited-government movement will remain a remnant, a faction, of frustrated grassroots activists waving signs that no one else reads or understands.

That’s why I believe Americans have a duty to blow up the political class first.

Combat First Aid

In military first aid class, we learned a three-step system for treating seriously injured shipmates:

  1. Stop the bleeding.
  • Start the breathing.

  • Treat for shock.

  • The smirking political class is a sucking chest wound on this country. It’s bleeding us dry. Until we stop that bleeding, nothing else helps.

    Crony capitalism sits on the chest of the American economy, suffocating growth. Until will corral crony capitalism, our solutions will fail.

    And government-first thinking has shocked our constitutional, limited government system, almost beyond recognition. But our solutions will be wasted on a patient who’s bleeding, not breathing, or dead.

    If your priority is anything but blowing up that smirking political class, then you’re going to kill the patient. He’ll bleed to death.

    If you tolerate crony capitalism, then you’re going to kill the patient. He’ll suffocate.

    The only way to save the patient is to stop the bleeding by blowing up the political class, start the breathing by destroying crony capitalism, and then start the breathing of limited government.

    All four Republican candidates say they’ll treat for shock, but three of the candidates would be performing mouth-to-mouth on a corpse. Only Eric Greitens will follow the proven, lifesaving method of field first aid.

    Without reservation or purpose of evasion, I wholeheartedly and proudly repeat my endorsement of Eric Greitens for governor of Missouri. And I ask you to join me in saving our country.