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Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expert Latest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016) Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016) I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

James Comey’s Review of Donald Trump

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I read a lot of reviews. I do it for work. It’s a great way to get a feel for a client’s culture.

I’m smart enough to discount reviews from people who were recently fired from the company. I don’t ignore those reviews, but I discount the negative stuff.  There’s a good chance that the disgruntled former employee is just venting. They feel wronged, even if they were terrible employees.

But I pay close attention to anything positive from these people. I figure, if someone just got fired, any positive reviews of their former employer are credible.

In case you’re not familiar with Glass Door, it’s a site that lets employees and contractors review the company they work for. Employees rate the company on a few aspects, then get to write open text reviews on three areas:

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Advice to Management

Today, James Comey, former FBI director, reviewed the boss that fired him. Instead of using, Comey vented his spleen to the United States Senate.

Comey’s testimony might as well have been a Glass Door review of President Trump, the guy who fired him.

Comey doesn’t seem to like the guy who fired him. That’s not unusual. Comey called Trump a liar. A lot of people who get fired call their bosses liars. Maybe the bosses are liars. Maybe not. Doesn’t really matter. People assume that the recently fired have a self-serving view of their own performance. And they probably have a worse opinion of their bosses than those bosses deserve.

I’ve been fired, just like James Comey. For weeks after, I painted the guy who fired me in the worst possible light. Doing so made me feel better for a moment.

But even while I was badmouthing my old boss to friends, I knew I shared the blame. Even though everything I had said about that boss was true (to some degree), I was conveniently leaving out the things I did to make his job of firing me easier. I painted myself in the best possible light.

So, let’s look at the positive things Comey said about Trump. Or the opportunities to implicate Trump that Comey dismissed.

James Comey admitted there’s no evidence of collusion with the Russians. In fact, he admitted that Trump was never even under investigation for wrongdoing.

Previously under oath, Comey swore that he never felt any pressured to end the Russian investigation or any other investigation.

And, even though Comey now thinks he can read Trump’s mind, Comey admits Trump never asked him or directed him to end the Flynn investigation. Everyone who knows the rules on obstruction of justice knows Trump did nothing wrong. Comey exonerated Trump today.

Most telling is this. Asked if he believes the guy who fired him did anything that constitutes obstruction of justice, Comey said he doesn’t know. No one would have blamed Comey if he’d said, “why, yes. Lordy, lordy, I think the obstructed justice.” It probably took a lot of strength for Comey to pass up that opportunity.

It’s pretty clear that Comey requested to testify to the Senate so he could make himself feel better by badmouthing the guy who fired him. On television. On the record. Yet, Comey wouldn’t go so far as to say the President did anything that might be illegal.

Look, if I got fired and then had a chance to stick it to the guy who fired me, I’d probably take it. So I can’t fault Comey for trying to paint Trump in the world possible light. Nor can I blame him for trying to make himself look blameless.

But I tend to discount negative reports from recently fired employees. And I assume anything they say that’s positive is an understatement. Given that methodology, Comey overstated Trump’s negatives and understated Trump’s innocence.

In a few months, Comey will be telling people that Trump merely hoped he’d be fair to General Flynn, and hope isn’t a crime. It’ll give him closure.


Gullible Evil Losers at CNN Criticize London Cops for Using Too Many Bullets. UPDATE

Reading Time: 1 minutes

Maybe we should consider CNN employees enemy combatants.

CNN’s latest hate-crime: CNN is criticizing London police for using too many bullets. 

That’s right. CNN will soon demand a UN war crimes tribunal to try, convict, and hang the London cops who put down the London Bridge terrorists.

This photo caption appeared below this critical headline.

CNN has not responded to my request for comments.

Specifically, I asked CNN to provide the exact number of rounds police are allowed to use to stop a terrorist.

While we wait for Jeff Zucker’s precise bullet limit, I’ll supply my own: police should stop shooting terrorists when their last magazine is empty. 

UPDATE: CNN has removed this ridiculous story from the top of their home page.

Shark-Jumping Update: the Left Is Losing It

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Previously on Hennessy’s View:

Because of tolerance, it’s getting harder and harder to make people laugh with Trump jokes. Everybody’s heard them all. So comedians have to ramp up the shock factor. And they have been. And it was working.

Until Kathy Griffin went too far.

Comedians and leftist news people are bound to go too far. It’s bio-chemical response. And now, so many leftists are in a race to the top on excess and insanity. Even the horrible Washington Post has noticed.

The story tells you what probably already know. Bill Maher is in trouble for using the N word Friday night. Stephen Colbert is in trouble for a gay slur directed at Trump. And, of course, Kathy Griffin’s career is over for beheading Trump as a joke.

This was all to be expected. Comedians and commentators get a dopamine rush when people laugh at their jokes or approve of their rhetoric. But when they stick to one topic too long, the only way to keep getting the same feedback is to make their jokes and rhetoric stronger. The same way smokers increase to a pack a day. In the brain, nicotine addition is almost identical to laughter addiction.

You’re seeing society say, “enough is enough.” Especially in light of the horrible terrorist attacks in London and Manchester.

People are ready for election season to be over. They’re ready to hear less about the president and Congress. They’re ready to get back to work. They want better jobs and more employment options. They want less crime and safer streets.

In short, people want the benefits of having elected Donald Trump and a Republican Congress. They want less of the process that should have ended last November. And everybody’s sick of hearing about Russia.

So, comedians can find new topics or find themselves getting real jobs. Their tickets to the Trump train expired last week.

How Kathy Griffin Helped Trump, Based on Brain Science

Reading Time: 2 minutes


It’s difficult to see in the fog of war, but comedienne Kathy Griffin did Donald Trump a huge favor. Before I explain, look at all the benefits Trump got from Griffin’s decapitation humor:

Kathy Griffin’s career disaster is a classic example of overplaying one’s hand. For a while, Trump jokes were the easiest laugh you could get. But with so much material created by so many comedians, our brains developed tolerance. I’ll explain.

Laughter is a chemical response. Endorphins and dopamine are the chemicals associated with laughter. They’re also the chemicals that nicotine stimulates.

When you smoke your first cigarette, you get a mighty rush. You feel so good that the smell and taste of burning leaves doesn’t bother you.

Your second cigarette feels just as good. But if you measured the endorphins and dopamine levels, you’d see that the second cigarette was slightly less effective than the first. If you keep smoking, you’ll eventually need stronger cigarettes and more of them to approximate the same happiness you got from your first.

The bad news gets worse. Because you’ve artificially stimulated your happy circuits for so long, your brain forgets how to make itself happy.

That’s how dependency works. Exposure to a chemical builds tolerance which leads to dependency.

And it works with jokes, too.

How funny is the funniest joke you ever heard the third time you hear it?

Because of tolerance, it’s getting harder and harder to make people laugh with Trump jokes. Everybody’s heard them all. So comedians have to ramp up the shock factor. And they have been. And it was working.

Until Kathy Griffin went too far.

Now, Trump jokes feel stale and cynical. Because Kathy Griffin jumped the shark. Griffin went too far by cutting off Donald Trump’s head in a simulation.

As her punishment, she:

That’s a lot of punishment for going too far. And it indicates that people have said “enough is enough” when it comes to Trump jokes.

What’s great for Trump is that the opposite of laughter, in this case, is empathy. People who were laughing at Trump jokes last week empathize with him and his family today. They won’t admit it, but a chemical analysis of their brains would confirm it. When people see Trump now, they’ll release more oxytocin and less cortisol. Oxytocin makes us feel connection to other people, even affection. Cortisol is the stress hormone that makes us feel anxious.

Public affection for Trump will increase for a few weeks. You won’t see a major change in the polls for some time, but you will see the lying, rotten media treat him a little bit more fairly.

And you’ll probably see the media turn their rottenness against Hillary Clinton instead. So will the DNC. And our brains will get the message: you elected the right candidate last year.

That will give people a whole new bias to confirm.


Is the New York Times blackmailing FBI and CIA?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

How could a reporter at New York Times blackmail an FBI or CIA agent?

Easily. And everyone who ever went through counter-espionage training knows it.

What Went Down

This morning, British Prime Minister Theresa May chastised the US government. The UK freely shares anti-terrorism intelligence with the US. The US is expected to keep secrets secret.

But the US intel community is one gigantic sieve these days. The intel we got from the Brits hit the front page of the New York Times within hours. The leak jeopardized the UK’s investigation of the Manchester Evil Loser. The Brits were rounding up his accomplices, but the leak revealed information that could tip off those accomplices.

So Theresa May let the US have it. She cut off intel sharing (for a time). Rightly so.

What It Means

The US intel community has made leaking the norm. FBI and CIA agents have developed tight relationships with reporters from the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN. Those relationships were built to damage Trump. But now these leaks are helping ISIS.

Could be that the FBI and CIA simply forward every drop of intel to their favorite NYTimes reporter. But that’s unlikely.

More likely: reporters are blackmailing the FBI and the CIA. 

How to Develop a Resource

To explain how the New York Times can blackmail the CIA, let’s look at how the CIA “develops” resources. I’ll be brief. If I get something wrong, some CIA veteran can correct me in the comments:

  • Hang out where you might meet someone who knows something you want to know
  • Strike up conversations. Share some secrets about yourself. Gain their trust
  • When they start to talk, listen. Take notes
  • When they prove they have insider access to some key target, ask them more probing questions
  • While all this going, have your colleagues video and audio record your ever interaction with this unsuspecting stooge
  • When you decide it’s time for the stooge to gather serious intel, inform them that you’re with the CIA and every secret they’ve shared with your new friend is preserved on 4K video with surround sound
  • Offer to share your video and audio with the stooge’s buddy, who happens to be an al Qaeda bigwig
  • Watch your stooge turn white, then give you all the intel you need
  • Until the al Qaeda bigwig figures out what’s going on
  • Or until the CIA leaks the stooge’s name

That’s about how the CIA does it. It’s also how the FBI infiltrates organized crime. It’s also how salesmen work. Up to a point. They all build rapport before dropping the big ask. Only the CIA has evidence that could, in the wrong hands, get the stooge (and his family) tortured and killed. If it got into the wrong hands.

What the New York Times Has on FBI and CIA

I count at least 17 felonies committed by FBI and CIA agents since December. All in an attempt to hurt Trump. All through intel leaks to the New York Times and Washington Post.

The Times and Post reporters who developed those stooges at the FBI and the CIA know their names. They have them on tape. They could destroy their sources. Unless those sources keep cooperating.

When those reporters want more intel for a story, who do you think they call? What do you think they tell them? Something like, “Hey, Jimmy. How’s it going? Gee, Jim, I’d love some pictures of the carnage over in England . . . Oh, that’s classified? Well, gee, that’s too bad. Cause I’d really like to see those pictures. In fact, Jimmy, I’d like to see them so bad. If I don’t see those pictures, Jim, I might go out and get drunk. If I get drunk, I might get loose lips. I get that way ya know. I might even tell somebody where I got the Flynn documents. That’d be terrible.”

So FBI Jimmy coughs up the graphic photos.

That’s how it works. Gain confidence. Use blackmail.

Sounds like the New York Times is using the CIA’s game against the CIA now.

Maybe Trump should offer immunity to FBI and CIA agents who’ve been blackmailed. In exchange for giving up their handlers at New York Times and Washington Post. The agents would be fire, of course. But they wouldn’t go to jail.

America Is Back!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

On the night that a deranged terrorist murdered and maimed little girls in Manchester England, we can take some solace in the fact that the greatest bastion of Western Civilization is back.

America is back.

Back on the watch.

Back on the hunt.

Back in the world.

When President Trump became the first American president to speak in Saudi Arabia, he delivered a message beyond his words. He delivered a message that no one missed. He delivered a message that terrorists’ bombs cannot drown out. He delivered a message that diminished his predecessor’s harmful follies.

Donald Trump gave the Islamic world a simple message. A mission. A duty. Donald Trump gave the Islamic world a recipe for respectability. He told them to police their own insane terrorists. And he told them how to do it.

Drive. Them. Out.

Drive them out of your places of worship.

Drive them out of your communities.

Drive them out of your holy land, and

Drive them out of his Earth!

Trump’s raw leadership cast a dark shadow across the weakness and cowardice of his bumbling predecessor, Barack Obama.

Everything about Barack Obama whined, “blame America.” His stooped figure said, “blame America.” His obsequious bow said, “blame America.” His effeminate handshake said, “blame America.”

But the world doesn’t want an America to blame.

The world craves an America to love. An America to envy. An America to complain about. But an America to mimic.

The world remembers when Nazis and Emporers threatened the planet. And America put them down.

The world remembers when a Soviet menace threatened her most vulnerable nations. And America tore down its wall.

The world begs for American leadership, American ingenuity, and American courage.

Donald Trump went to Riyadh.

Donald Trump flew to Tel Aviv.

Donald Trump became the first US president to touch the Western Wall.

Donald Trump will complete the Great Religion circuit by visiting Vatican City.

Donald Trump restored the world’s hope. Hope in a shining city on a hill. Hope in civilization and decency. Hope in the goodness of humanity. Hope for world peace. Hope for America’s future.

While small men and women wring their little hands over tiny matters in Washington, DC, the world waves its hands in hope that America is back.

America is back.

God comfort Manchester’s’ survivors. God heal the wounded. God receive the dead in paradise. God bless Manchester and the UK. God save the queen.

And God bless the United States of America.