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Flush the Clapper. It Stinks!

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James Clapper lied to Chuck Todd.

Clapper wiretapped Paul Manafort and lied about it. Just like Trump said.

James Clapper looks like a kind old grandfather. Like Josef Stalin. Or an elderly Charles Manson.

Like Stalin and Manson, Clapper’s soiled name deserves to be flushed into the bowels of history’s bio hazard tank.

James Clapper categorically denied that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was ever wiretapped. He lied.

James Clapper swore he’d have known of any FISA court request for a wiretap of any Trump associate. And then he swore by inclusion that Paul Manafort was never wiretapped.

Now we know Clapper is a liar. He lied to cover his criminal attempt to illegally steal the election.

Clapper is a liar. Flush the Clapper.

Equifax Update: More Breaches, More Lies

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You will be mad.

You probably don’t have a contract with Equifax. Your creditors do.

When you apply for a loan, you give creditors permission to:

  1. Obtain your credit file.
  2. Update your credit file.

You expect that creditors vet their vendors, don’t you? You assume banks and credit card companies test their vendors’ security.

And you expect financial services companies like Equifax to be on the up and up.

But they’re not. None of them. The banks. The credit cards. The credit bureaus. They’re not on the up and up. They’re on the cheap and dirty. They cut corners. They pocket the money and skip the quality checks.

They don’t do their due diligence.

None of them.

Today we learned that Equifax knew its security was garbage long before they originally admitted. In other words, Equifax’s statements of last week were lies.

As a reminder:

  • Equifax lost sensitive financial and personal data on 143 MILLION Americans
  • Equifax admits your data was compromised in May and June and July
  • Equifax admits it concealed its breach until September
  • Equifax admits its chief financial officer and other high-ranking managers sold their Equifax shares after the breach was discovered but before the breach was disclosed (insider trading)
  • Equifax denies that its executives knew of the breach before they sold their stock (laughable)

It turns out Equifax (and its executives) knew of the breach long before July.

Via Zero Hedge:

Meanwhile, far from keeping the original hack a secret, “in early March Equifax began notifying a small number of outsiders and banking customers that it had suffered a breach and was bringing in a security firm to help investigate. The company’s outside counsel, Atlanta-based law firm King & Spalding, first engaged Mandiant at about that time. While it’s not clear how long the Mandiant and Equifax security teams conducted that probe, one person said there are indications it began to wrap up in May.”

The revelation of an earlier breach – and one which comes from the press instead of the company itself – will likely raise questions for the company’s executives over whether that investigation was sufficiently thorough or if it was closed too soon, and also why it wasn’t disclosed as part of the Sept. 7 press release.

In early MARCH! Equifax knew they’d lost your data in March!

So, now how dishonest does Equifax look?

In my prior report on Equifax, I introduced you to John Gamble “with your money,” the Equifax CFO. I speculated that Mr. Gamble traded Equifax shares after learning of the breach. (Mr. Gamble has not personally denied it, but Equifax’s PR agency has.)

Now, Zero Hedge has this:

Now, under the new timeline, the insider sales come several months after the March breach but before the public had any knowledge of major security issues at one of the country’s three big credit-reporting agencies. The new timeline is also likely to focus scrutiny on an earlier sale by Gamble of 14,000 shares on May 23. According to a regulatory filing, which didn’t indicate that the sale was part of a scheduled trading plan, the value of that transaction was $1.91 million, more than twice the size of his Aug. 1 disposal of 6,500 shares for $946,374.

As I wrote in my first report on Equifax, justice requires two things:

  1. Equifax stock goes to zero.
  2. Equifax’s customers (the banks and credit companies who gave your data to Equifax) compensate the hell out of you and their other customers.

This story has legs. Share it with our friends.

And ask all your creditors how they intend to compensate you for the loss of your data. It’s really their problem, not yours.

Trump Was Right! Obama White House ‘Wiretapped’ Paul Manafort **UPDATE**

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CAUTION: This report comes from very fake news blog CNN and may fall apart over the next 24 to 48 hours (like most of CNN’s fake reports fall apart).

CNN is reporting that Special Investigator Robert Mueller leaked secret documents to the press indicating the Obama White House “wiretapped” Paul Manafort before and after last year’s election.

CNN previously mocked and scorned President Trump for suggesting Obama wiretapped Trump’s campaign. CNN says Mueller’s office cautioned that conclusions about Russian connection were “inconclusive.” Meaning “non-existent.”

Either Trump was right or Robert Mueller is lying to CNN. A third possibility: CNN is full of crap.

A secret order authorized by the court that handles the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) began after Manafort became the subject of an FBI investigation that began in 2014. It centered on work done by a group of Washington consulting firms for Ukraine’s former ruling party, the sources told CNN.

The Gateway Pundit has more.

In the meantime, add this to the long list of crazy things Trump said that turned out to be right! (I was right, too. In March!)

UPDATE: ZeroHedge has more:

Ironically, CNN notes the “surveillance was discontinued at some point last year for lack of evidence” but was then restarted with a “new FISA warrant that extended at least into early this year”…all of which sounds an awful lot like the Obama administration using FISA courts to spy on a political opponent.

This story makes the MSM, late-night comedians, Robert Mueller, and Barack Obama look like iditos, criminals, or both.

Leftists Turn Against Nancy

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Nancy Pelosi is paying a price for statesmanship.

Remember when this blog wrote about liberals saving us from Antifa?

But one group can save us from the Antifa caliphate. An unlikely group. A group you’d never believe could be the heroes of this terrifying story.

Who’s this group? Who will save America? Who will preserve Western Civilization? Christendom? Judaism?

Not the Right.

Not the Center.

Not the Great “Undecided” Voter.

No, if you want to be saved, look left, young man. Look left.

The left can save us.

Not the “leftists.” Not the progressives. They’re on Antifa’s side. (Until Antifa turns on them.)

But liberals.

Our friendly liberals.

Pelosi Steps Toward the Middle

The day after I wrote that post, Nancy Pelosi spoke out against Antifa’s violence. Before Paul Ryan. Before Mitch McConnell. Before Jeb Bush. Before Marco Rubio. (As far as I know, only Paul Ryan has walked back his support for Antifa. Mitch, Jeb, Marco, Mitt, and McCain are still Antifa supporters.)

While the Republican sissies wrung their hands, Nancy Pelosi was busy disavowing:

Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts. The violent actions of people calling themselves antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted.

After condemning leftwing violence, Pelosi has become friendly with President Trump. She worked with the president on hurricane relief, debt ceiling, and DACA. I wrote about Trump’s deals with Democrats here and here.

I previously warned that leftists are not liberals. Today, Nancy Pelosi learned that lesson. The hard way.

Nancy Pelosi had to be rushed off stage for her own safety. Safety from a mob. A mob of angry leftists. Leftists angry because Nancy condemned Antifa and ate dinner with Trump.

As The Gateway Pundit reports:

Nancy Pelosi was set to speak about the DREAM Act when too many angry DACA recipients surrounded her and screamed at her demanding answers on their future and claiming every illegal immigrant be protected.

Pelosi said, “It’s clear you don’t want any answers. It’s clear,” as she was rushed out of the event to safety.

Mitch and Paul Are In Trouble

My theory on Trump’s deals with Democrat leaders goes like this:

  1. Trump wants to get stuff done. Stuff that makes America great again.
  2. Trump is not an ideological conservative, so he has no qualms with working with Democrats to make America great.
  3. Trump is sick of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the do-nothing, cowardly Republican Congress.
  4. Trump cozied up to Nancy and Chuck Schumer to advance his agenda and to humiliate Ryan and McConnell. And it’s working.
  5. Finally, if GOP internal polls show voters support Trump’s outreach to Democrats, Congressional Republicans will demand that Ryan and McConnell knock off their middle-school games and get to work.

Ryan and McConnell have a window. A window to return to the president’s side. A window through which they can shove some important legislation like Obamacare repeal, tax reform, and infrastructure. A window to retain control of Congress.

But that window is closing fast.

Leftists and GOP Establishment Are Pushing Trump and Pelosi Together

With each leftist attack against Pelosi, she’ll develop a new respect for and camaraderie with President Trump. Today, Ms. Pelosi must have felt like she was in a foxhole with The Donald.

Think about it. Donald Trump treats Nancy Pelosi better than her own constituents.

And Nancy Pelosi treats Donald Trump better than Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell treat their party’s own president.

Psychologically, idiots on the right and violent thugs on the left are pushing Trump and Pelosi into a stronger alliance. Trump can do a lot to help Democrats in 2018.

What you’re seeing play out in Washington is a world-class strategy master in Trump. Trump is running circles around self-serving strategic novice Ryan. And Ryan’s weaknesses could really hurt the conservative agenda.

Watch for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to say nicer things about Trump’s United Nations appearances than Ryan or McConnell say. And then expect to see Congressional Republicans head off to some posh resort for a weekend of teambuilding.

And remember you heard it first on Hennessy’s View.



Chuck and Nancy and Donald and Mitch and Paul

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You can almost see it in your mind if you try. The cartons of Chinese takeout. The torn blisters of soy sauce. Nancy Pelosi, former swimsuit model, laughing at The Donald’s off-color jokes. About Mitch McConnell. Or Paul Ryan. While Chuck fills color of his own, about deals he helped The Donald put together back in New York. Stuff that didn’t make it into The Art of the Deal or The Art of the Comeback.

If you can imagine that White House scene, you can imagine another scene. In a dark, oak-paneled Washington bar. Old Ebbitt Grill. In a back room, away from prying eyes sit Mitch and Paul. Scowling. Wondering. Plotting. Plotting how to get back at The Donald. Get back at The Donald for cutting deals with the Democrats. With those Democrats. The worst Democrats. “The very Democrats who want our jobs!” croaks Mitch.

Paul examines is shrimp and steak, mixing some food around with his gigantic fork, the kind of fork you expect to get in a dark, old, oak-paneled bar in Washington, DC. “You were right, Mitch,” Paul says without looking up. “He just doesn’t understand how Washington works.”

The Dealmaker

Back in 2015 while I was still trying to understand why my otherwise reasonable friends were falling in love with Trump, I asked a lot of questions. Actually, I ask only one question. But I asked a lot of people. And I asked some of them more than once. “Why Trump?”

The most common answer: “he doesn’t need the job.”

The second most common: “he knows how to make a deal.”

The third most common: “he tells it how it is.”

Remember when Trump cut the deal for Harvey relief with Chuck and Nancy? I wrote in “The Strategy That Dare Not Speak Its Name“:

By now you’ve heard that President Trump struck a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Trump struck a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Trump struck a deal by going around Congressional Republicans. Trump struck a deal with Democrats.

That was before his dinner with Chuck and Nancy. The dinner about DACA. I predicted that the Harvey deal was only the first. I had no idea the second would come so soon. But soon it did.

Speed shocks.

I attended an acting workshop at Washington University in 1981. One of the classes was about timing. The instructor used as an example a duel in the old west.

He asked for a student volunteer to play one of the duelers. The student was not to shoot first. He played the scene three ways.

  • First, he waited about 10 seconds, then he shot the student with his finger, yelling “bang.” This was drama.
  • Next, he waited about 30 seconds. He never shot, actually. Everybody laughed at the ridiculousness of the duelers staring at each other for so long. This was comedy.
  • In the third treatment, as the student was about to count his last pace, the instructor spun around yelled “bang.” Everyone was shocked. A few people gasped. This was terror.

By moving so quickly to strike a second deal with Democrats, Trump terrorized the GOP establishment (GOPe). Terrorized. And for good reason: the GOP establishment is replaceable. Replaceable, not with Tea Party or Freedom Caucus types, but with Democrats.

The whole GOP establishment in Congress knows it’s expendable.  And Mitch and Paul are coming to realize their threat will not come from the far right or the far left. Their threat will come from their base: the middle.

Power Is Perception

The Freedom Caucus lacks the numbers to take down the Speaker. And the small number of ideological conservatives in the Senate have no power to influence the majority leader. As long as Paul and Mitch have the GOPe on their sides, they’re safe.

The GOPe in Congress has a single, unifying mission: to raise enough money to win re-election. Or to move up to higher office. That’s it.

Normally, a president of your party makes your re-election safer. The president will help you raise money. The president will help you look good. The president will encourage the right votes for you to show your constituents “I’m one of you, and I keep my promises.”

But what happens when the president makes deals with the other party? What happens when he ignores your Congressional leaders and works with the opposition’s leaders?

If you’re a rank-and-file “happy to be here” Republican go-along-to-get-along type, you panic. You panic because you realize the leaders you elected have no power. No power to influence the president. No power to help your re-election. No power to reward your donors.

And what happens when go-along-to-get-along (GATGA) Congressmen see their re-election threatened? They move to where the power is.

Deals Are Powerful

Right now, the power in Washington resides in three people: Donald, Chuck, and Nancy. The GATGA in the GOP are poring over polls this weekend. Polls that tell them whether Trump’s base is okay with The Donald’s deals. Polls that will determine the GATGA’s next move.

If the polls show Trump’s base abandoning him, GATGA will double-down on Mitch and Paul.

But if those polls show Trump’s base holding firm, GATGA will rush to join the Donald, Chuck, and Nancy show.

You’ll know which way things are going by last this week.

GATGA types won’t overthrow their leadership. Not unless it’s an extreme case. More likely, they’ll call a caucus meeting. A meeting of GOPe and GATGAs. No conservatives.

At that caucus meeting, the GATGAs will give Paul and Mitch sobering news: “do whatever it takes, but we want to have Chinese food with the president. And Chuck and Nancy.”

I said I’d be okay with Trump switching parties. I’d still support him. I think he’s smarter and more determined that all the GOPe and GATGA combined.

Trump is okay with looking like a fool. In the short term. While you’re mocking his stupid tweet, though, he’s onto his next move. Trump is always a step ahead.

Trump is onto his next move now. I don’t know what it is, and neither do you. Nor does Ann Coulter. But Trump’s already on it. Just waiting for the GATGA to join him. As soon as they see those polls.

If you’re wondering what those polls will show, think about the reasons my friends supported Trump. He doesn’t need the job. He knows how to make a deal. And he tells it like it is.

Which is why Trump said in 2015 that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and none of his supporters would leave him. Love him, in fact.

He was right.


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Not often does a person or an event fit every definition of a single word. But Hillary Clinton’s life after the election fits perfectly all three definitions of graceless.


Graceless Hillary.

Why didn’t Donald Trump think of that one during the campaign. “Graceless Hillary…”

Not a single rational being could challenge the accuracy of that monicker. Graceless Hillary.


No sense of propriety or decency.

Inferior or clumsy in treatment or performance.

All describe Graceless Hillary Clinton.

You know Hillary’s crimes.

You know Hillary’s excuses.

You know Hillary stole the White House silverware when she left in 2001.

You know Hillary is graceless.

Graceless Hillary.

May she find grace. And soon.