We Can Make Missouri More Like Illinois

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Admit it, Missouri. You have Illini Envy. 

We all grew up in the shadow of the Lincoln State.

We grew up frustrated that the Black Hawks have won Stanley Cups while the Blues end every season in frustration.

Everybody in the world knows where Chicago is. And that it’s in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. Missouri’s a little hit-or-miss on geography quizzes.

But Missourians have a chance to make St. Louis look a lot more like Chicago. Make Missouri look a lot like Illinois.

What Missouri needs is our own Missouri mega-city. Like Chicago. Like Los Angeles. Like New York. Like Miami.

Of those cities, those examples of mega-cities that can dominate their state’s legislation, Chicago is the best example.

I bet if you talked to people in Illinois who live outside of Cook County you’ll find one thing in common.

Sure, they’ll complain about the state’s 32% income tax hike and its crumbling finances. They’ll worry about the massive corruption in the state capital. They’ll gripe about all the crime and bounced checks from the state. But they’ll rally around one point.

Everyone in rural Illinois loves Chicago! Proud as little country peacocks!

Illinoisans love sharing their resources with one of the biggest, most famous cities in America. They love the fact that Cook County makes all the decisions for everyone throughout the state. Chicago even decides for people in lowly Cairo! Because Cook County makes all the decisions, people in outstate Illinois are free to focus on their own problems. Like how to pave their roads without any money, or how to keep businesses from leaving the state in droves.

You want all that for Missouri, don’t you? To be just like Illinois?

Well, you can. Soon.

The St. Louis city fathers have a plan to merge St. Louis City and St. Louis County into one gigantic political unit that can dominate Missouri legislature and culture.

Right now, they’re using the phrase “better together.” And they’re right! If St. Louis City and County merge, the St. Louis region can pretty much ignore the rest of the state. (More than we do now.) We’ll have the population and economic power to finally tell KC to get lost. Jackson County might as well secede and join Kansas.

Sure, Springfield, Columbia, and Kansas City will lose a lot of power and influence. But at least people in those cities won’t have to worry so much about what St. Louis is up to. They won’t have to worry about St. Louis because they won’t be able to stop us.

I’ll bet that within four years of the City-County Merger, every Missouri Supreme Court judge will come from the St. Louis region. Plus, St. Louis will be able to pull tax dollars out of the rest of the state. We can build new ballparks and arenas. Green bike trails everywhere. And we’ll be able to pay off St. Louis’s massive unfunded debt liabilities using dollars from rural areas.

Plus, St. Louis Democrats will FINALLY be able to pass some Chicago-style gun-control legislation for the state.

The point is, I think people who oppose the City-County merger are missing the valuable lesson Illinois teaches: we can make St. Louis into the new Chicago. We can make St. Louis County into the new Cook County. And we can make Missouri into the new Illinois. 

When the City-County merger hits the ballot, I hope our outstate Missouri neighbors will do what’s right for the St. Louis region. Making St. Louis more like Chicago is way more important than little towns in Dent County having some influence in Jefferson City. 

It’s time for outstate Missouri to stop thinking about themselves. Time to think about what’s good for St. Louis.

St. Louis First!

War & Tariffs: What to do about North Korea

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If you think about geopolitics at all, you know North Korea poses many problems for its neighbors. And for the United States. And for the whole world.

If we take attack North Korea militarily, over a million South Koreans will die. Along with a lot of Americans on ships and on land over there. Nobody wants that. It might come to that, but nobody wants it.

Now, North Korea has ICBMs that can drop a nuke on Alaska. Or Hawaii. Soon they’ll be able to hit California.

Here is my two-pronged approach:

1. 500% Tariffs

Impose a 500% tariff on all imports from any country that maintains trade relations of any kind with North Korea.

Many countries, including China, continue to trade with North Korea. A blanket 500% tax on imports would hurt us, sure. But it would cripple China’s weak economy. China, and all other nations doing business with Kim, would have to sever ties immediately. And if they don’t, well, that giant sucking sound you hear will be manufacturing plants opening up all across the fruited plane.

China takes only one thing seriously: money. Threaten their money supply and Xi will finally man up and take down Li’l Kim.

But that tariff needs some spine. A spine that will put the fear of Trump into every world leader.

2. Declare War

Congress declares that a state of war exists between the Government of North Korea and the Government and the people of the United States of America.

Being in a state of declared war does not require combat. But if Congress passes a war declaration, the world knows the president can initiate combat any time the mood strikes. With a single tweet, he can order our armed forces to wipe North Korea off the face of the earth.

People will pay attention to that. Kim will know that his life is in the hands of Donald J. Trump’s next tweet. China will know. Japan will know. South Korea will know. And Russia will know.

In plain English, the declaration of war is justified as follows:

  • North Korea’s leaders have repeatedly said they intend to use nuclear weapons to blackmail or attack the people of United States.
  • North Korea’s leaders have violated every UN mandate intended to stop North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and intercontinental delivery abilities.
  • North Korea has now the means, the motive, and the opportunity to attack the people of the United States with nuclear weapons.
  • Therefore, it is our right as human beings and our duty as a government to adopt this unanimous declaration of war between North Korea and the United States.
  • This declaration will remain in effect until altered or abolished by Congress.
  • May God have mercy on their communist souls.

Get Serious

It’s time to get serious. Ever since Jimmy Carter flew to Pyongyang to bring Kim Il-sung a batch of Miss Lilly’s secret peanut brittle, the North Korea has marched relentlessly toward total war against the United States.

Through three administrations, the United States threatened, appeased, cajoled, and looked the other way.

As President Trump said, the time for strategic patience with North Korea is over. Nothing will be gained by waiting until Kim wipes out millions of Americans as they sleep in bed. Nor do we gain by giving into his terroristic blackmail.

On this Independence Day, it’s time to declare independence from the fear and intimidation that puts the entire world at risk. It’s time declare economic and military war against North Korea and her greedy enablers.

The two actions, taken in tandem, will likely prevent war. It’s a bold move, but it’s necessary. Millions of American lives depend on it.

Happy Fourth.

God bless the brave heroes of our armed forces, especially those serving with my sons in the Pacific Theater.

First 13er President: A Gen X Independence Day

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“As they reach their turn for national leadership, 13ers will produce no-nonsense winners who will excel at cunning, flexibility, and deft timing.”

—Neil Howe and William Strauss, 13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?

I’ve written before that 2016 was the first Gen X Election. And that Donald Trump would be the first Gen X president. Not because he’s an Xer, but because he personifies our coming-of-age view of the world.

Note:  I use 13ers and Gen Xers interchangeably. Historians Howe and Strauss called the generation born from 1961 to 1981 “13ers” before Douglas Coupland coined the term “Generation X.” Howe and Strauss were referring to the fact that we were the 13th generation born in America.

Donald J. Trump symbolizes the 80s and 90s. The 80s and 90s symbolize Gen X.

As I wrote last February in This Is the Gen X Election:

I’m not saying all Gen Xers will vote for Trump. I am saying the Gen X attitude that formed in the 1980s and 1990s has finally pervaded the generations on all sides. Just as the Boomer attitude, hatched in the 60s and 70s, didn’t really seize full power until the  Clinton administration.

Howe and Strauss had more to say about Gen X leadership in 13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?:

If 13ers turn out like every earlier generation of their type—Lost, Gilded, Liberty, and Cavalier—they will ultimately become a stellar generation of get-it-done warriors, able to take charge of whatever raging conflicts are initiated by their elders and bring them to successful conclusions. In the tradition of George Washington, Ulysses Grant, and Dwight Eisenhower, the most memorable 13er Presidents may themselves be ex-generals. Military or not—and regardless of sex—13er leaders will be cagey, jockish, unpretentious, inelegant with words, more inclined to deal than to argue, and more admired for their personality than for their vision of learning. As they come to power around the year 2020, younger voters will view them as a welcome change from the ponderous, principles-first Boomer style. In public, they’ll come across a bit shallow. But, as any 13er already knows, low expectations can be a game you can use to your advantage—in a poker game or in the White House.

Trump is probably 4 years ahead of his time if Howe and Strauss’s calendar was correct. It’s possible that conflict between the Washington establishment and the Trump administration owes to Gen X’s early arrival in power.

But it’s also possible that whenever one of these generations of Nomads reaches power (“Nomads” is the Howe and Strauss name for Gen X’s archetype throughout history), conflict ensues. Nomad generations reach power at the end of Crisis eras, usually just before the climax. Previous climaxes were:

  • The Revolutionary War
  • The Civil War
  • World War II

Why should our Nomads get off any easier than those generations of Nomads?

It’s also worth noting that the national leaders of those eras were, like Trump, members of the Prophet generations that precede Nomads in birth order. Most of the presidents of the Continental Congress during the Revolution were, like Peyton Randolph, born before 1724, the start of the Liberty generation. Lincoln was born in 1809, 13 years before the first Gilded was born. FDR was born in 1882, but the first Lost was born in 1883. So, Trump’s timing is historically perfect.

The biggest difference between Gen X and Boomers: pragmatism over principles.

Boomers will blow up the world to prove a point. Gen Xers will find a way to survive.

Think about that. Think about the Boomers begging Trump to “do something” about Russia. The Boomers seem okay with nuclear war now. Ready to end civilization in a series of mushroom clouds. The generation that once donned bumper stickers reading “You can’t hug your kids with nuclear arms” is ready to push the red button and end it all. Maybe that name “Boomer” has gone to their heads.

Fighting for human survival is the generation of slackers. It’s not that we’re unprincipled. It’s that we think principles are evil if they require the destruction of our culture, our civilization, or our species. Or maybe we think principles apply to personal conduct, not to public policy. Either way, survival comes first.

And this gets us to the point of why we Trump supporters are so hell-bent on seeing our mission through. This is why we will tolerate, even applaud, our president’s most outlandish and most “modern day presidential” acts.

It is our mission. Howe and Strauss gave it to us in 13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?, published when we were kids in 1993.

Yes, 13ers do have a mission. Theirs is the American generation that history has charged with the task of cleaning up after everybody else’s mess . . . So too is theirs the generation charged with showing others how, in this millennial era, Americans can still enjoy “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” without letting the world fly to pieces, without bankrupting the nation, and without squandering scarce global resources.

Do the dirty work, have a little fun, help the kids behind them. Not bad. Let other call 13ers “underachievers.” They can take it. We, their elders, will never live to see how their story turns out. They will. The rest of us can only imagine how, when their job’s done, they’ll look history in the eye, give a little smile, and move.

It’s pretty clear Donald Trump has adopted our generation’s mission as his own. I call on the “principled” Boomers and the other generations to shut up, get out of the way, and let us get on with the job of cleaning up your messes.

And we’re getting too damn old to argue about it. As I warned last February:

The Buchanan Brigades are running the show, now. While the establishment could still produce the next president, he or she will be unable to govern, I’m afraid. The divisions are too many, the chasms too wide, the trust too broken, the economy too leveraged.

We’ve been warning the establishment for decades that we’re not gonna take it. They didn’t listen.

But something tells me they’re listening now.

It’s Gen X Independence Day. Get out of our way. This isn’t about unity. It’s about survival. There’s a difference.

BONUS: A great primer on generational history.


Greatest 4th of July! WrestlemaniaCNNTakeDown! (Video)

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President Trump makes everything better. Everything. And this video, which he just tweeted, made this 4th of the July the best since 1776. (Click twice to get play this video)

The left and CNN will, of course, be outraged. They don’t have a sense of humor.

President Trump has a fine sense of humor. I can see the grin on his face as he tapped out “#FraudNewsCNN” and hit the send button.

I know this is very un-Christian of me, but I have to admit something. It makes me happy to know that Trump’s wrestling video will ruin the holiday for hundreds of reporters, editors, producers, Hollywood outrage pornographers, and Never Trumpers. Ruin their holiday. I can see Jim Acosta screaming at his wife across the kitchen table now. “Why no corn-on-the-cob? Why no corn-on-the-cob? Why no corn-on-the-cob?” He might even get a drink thrown in his face.

Some will say that a video like this one is beneath the president. Sanctimonious puffery. Bill Clinton sort of blew those standards of decorum.

Besides, everybody who ever said they wanted new blood and fresh faces in politics? This is what non-political outsiders look like. They don’t play by your old rules because those rules were meant to preserve the elites. The rules of decorum you worry about were designed to keep Tea Partiers barefoot and parading, not winning elections. Those old rules from the 19th century were written to keep the common rabble (rabble like you, me, and Trump) away from politics.

When we stormed the steps of the Arch in 2009, we became the battering ram striking the first blow into the gates of the palace. When Donald J. Trump took the oath of office in January 2017, those palace gates swung open. Just as the American army of rabble and peasants humiliated the great British Empire at Yorktown 236 years ago.

Cornwallis’s words in The Patriot are Jeff Zucker’s words today. (Click anywhere on the video to play)

Everything has changed. Everything except the elite’s contempt for the people who make America great.

Keep tweeting, Mr. President. Your enemies deserve it.


  1. The Gateway Pundit reacts.
  2. CNN reacts like Cornwallis
  3. Scott Adams perfectly explains the entire matter in few words:


I disavow every Republican who disavowed Trump’s tweets

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When Reagan was president, we wanted him to hit back harder on the press. We wanted him to put Sam Donaldson in his place. We wanted him to call out the fake news.

2/5/1981 President Reagan during an interview with Sam Donaldson of ABC News Leslie Stahl of CBS News and Judith Woodruff of NBC News with James Brady at the Cross Hall White House Library

But Reagan didn’t.

Reagan was a gentleman.

We respected that.

But we wanted him to break form and hit those bastards hard. With his brilliant wit.

When Trump punched Mika and Joe in their surgically-lifted faces this morning, I laughed. I cheered.

They had it coming. They EARNED a presidential takedown. They earned it. They got it.

When Nancy Pelosi, former lube rack swimsuit model, took to the podium to call Trump sexist, I laughed. What a stupid hypocrite Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi: Lube Rack Model

When I heard Republicans disavowing Trump’s tweets, I yelled. Almost cried like Chuck Schumer.

Republicans are so weak. Weak Republicans. Man up.

The press deserves every ounce of scorn, ridicule, and condemnation it gets. There’s no life form lower than a lefty journalist. When low-IQ idiots like Mika Brzezinski get called out by a president, they have it coming. It’s just. It’s deserved.

I am damn proud that my president remains true to his rallying, street-fighter campaign. I’m proud that Trump verbally punches stupidity in its plastic-surgery-lifted face (as Michelle Moore might say).

Michelle Moore, St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Executive Director

I hope Trump’s tweets hurt their feelings. Screw their feeling.

Trump isn’t Reagan. Trump is the Wolf. Trump gets the job done. He’s filling the gaps Reagan left open. He’s punching stupidity in the mouth. And you love it.

Keep winning, Donald. We love you.

When the Russian Narrative Broke

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When did the narrative break?

Was it the assassination attempt on GOP Congressmen?

Was it Comey’s admission that Trump was never under investigation?

Was it Kathy Griffin’s grim ISIS imitation?

Was it Trump’s 5-0 winning streak in special elections?

Like the ageless question of how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie-Roll center of a Tootsie-Pop, the world may never know. Never know just when the Russian narrative broke.

But the narrative broke. Bigly.

Just a few, short months ago, celebrities and journalists could incite violence against Trump and his supporters with impunity. Now, teachers and journalists are getting fired. Celebrities are losing gigs for going over the top.

Yesterday, three fake news journalists were forced to resign from very fake news CNN. They published a false Russian story. CNN had to post a shameful, humiliating retraction. Today, a CNN producer was caught in a Project Veritas sting admitting the Russian story was fake news from day one.

And CNN’s Jim Acosta has become so unhinged his friends are asking him to take a leave of absence and get some help.

The anti-Trump forces put all their eggs in the Russian basket. But the basket broke. The narrative broke. And those anti-Trumps have nothing to turn to. They have no repertoire of tactics. Only one: Russia, Russia, Russia.

And the Russian narrative broke. Like Humpty Dumpty, all the Deep State’s horses and all the Deep State’s men can’t put the Russian narrative together again.

With their only narrative out of the way, with a huge win in the Supreme Court, expect Trump to run up the score for the rest of the summer. Happy days are here again.

By October, we’ll be talking about which loser the Democrats might offer up as cannon fodder in 2020.