The Corner Neocon Debate

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Over on The Corner is a raging debate about the origin and meaning of the term Neo-Conservative.  I am very rarely critical of anything National Review and its people do, but I have to criticize this conversation:  no one cares.  The world view NR and her readers and advocates as conservatives.  It doesn’t separate Buchanan from Goldberg.  And we conservative, including those of us who formerly wrote for NR on CompuServe, couldn’t care less. 

At the risk of contributing to this silly conversation, I must say that conversations about

CNN/Time Poll

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For poll junkies, today’s CNN/Time poll is loaded with interesting tidbits:

  • Dean’s support is slipping, no doubt due to the doctor’s idiotic statements, Biblical errors, short temper, and whining
  • Several Democrats (Kerry, Clark, Lieberman, Gephardt) seem to be getting stronger, perhaps because they’re buying air time to compete with the hours of free time Dean has gotten since last June
  • Bush’s approvals keep going up:
    • 61% approve of his job in Iraq
    • 58% approve the president’s overal foreign policy
    • 54% approve the president’s handling of the economy
  • This graphic is the most revealing, though, on the Democrats:







Only 35% are certain to vote for the candidate they now favor.  That means that Dean’s wide support is fairly shallow, as I suspected in a blog last week.

While Dean might well win Iowa and New Hampshire, solidifying some his support, there could be surprises.  My hunch is that Dean’s support is the shallowest:  a surprise by Gephardt and Kerry in Iowa could cause Dean to fall as quickly as he’s risen. 

Keep watching.

Deconstructing Kerry, Part I

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Can anyone look upon the fading figure of John Kerry without feeling a sense of pity as for a man who’s lost his family and home?  His serious face, always looking a bit pained with concern, now expresses a sad displeasure for life itself.  To make matters worse, Howard Dean, the child politician — childlike in size, bearing, countenance, temperament, mentality, and world view — has not only stolen Kerry’s media-given title of Man to Beat, he has now taken Kerry’s Biblical allusion:  Job. 

Imagine the insult Kerry must feel when Dean declares,

Decontructing Kerry, Part II

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Even more bizarre, or so it must have seemed to Senator Kerry, was the effect of the war, for which he voted.  The more successful our campaign in Iraq, the less his fellow Democrats liked him.  Had we lost the war, one assumes that the rank-and-file Democrats would have supported a warmonger candidate.  But as our victory became apparent, the Dems fled to the two candidates who opposed the war in the first place:  Dean and Clark.  That left the


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Hillary Clinton came to St. Louis today to make Gandhi jokes.  First, I  live in St. Louis and didn’t know she was coming.  Second, she showed up in Iraq the day after the President, now she shows up in St. Louis the day after the President.  Pattern?

Howard Dean potentially faces criminal charges for releasing secret security plans for the Yankee Nuclear Power plant after 9/11/01.  He won’t release records of meetings from his 11 years as governor, but he’s pretty fast and loose with national security plans whose compromise could give terrorists the information they need to overcome that security.  And people want him as Commander-in-Chief?

It was 6 degrees in St.Louis when I woke up this morning.  Apparently, the answer to global warming is to have Hillary Clinton get out more.

Later . . .