The Hubris of Nation Builders

Guest Post by Lee A. Presser My friend Bill Hennessy wrote an excellent 11-12-16 blog analysis of Anglo-American history and how it relates to Mr. Trump’s victory (  After reading that blog I phoned him to add a tangential thought.  Bill suggested I share the thought with you. It took 561 years (from the Magna […]

If Donald Trump Scares You, You Should See a Depression

Guest post by Lee Presser. America’s fiscal year is October 1 to September 30.  With two month left in FY16, the U.S. Treasury has already paid creditors $380,925,428,211.67 in interest costs.  (That’s $381 Billion) The average interest rate was just over 2%.  It is expected that the last two month’s of this fiscal […]

Guest Post: Open the borders . . . to those who want to help

Lee A. Presser The American people get to decide who moves into the United States.  If immigrants are coming for a free meal, we don’t need them.  If immigrants are coming for free healthcare, we don’t need them.  If immigrants are coming for free housing, we don’t need them.  If immigrants are coming and their […]

Guest Post: My Night With the Klan, Part 2

Editor’s Note: This article from 1992 tells a remarkable story of one man’s brave visit to a KKK rally. The stories Lee present serve a cautionary tale: human nature abhors a vacuum. When leaders fail to lead, humanity cries out. And, to paraphrase Steven King, who knows what dread thing will answer. Bear in mind […]

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