Jack Kemp Stood for Civil Rights . . . And America

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Jack Kemp is on the top of my wall of heroes. Literally. An autographed Kemp card sits on top of my bookshelf housing the works and images of my heroes.

As the NFL self-destructs, it’s worth reading about Jack Kemp’s work for civil rights. And for the Republican Party. And for conservatism.

Jack Kemp’s Activism

Kemp did it all. And, thanks to Jeffrey Lord, we can remember Kemp’s finest moments of civil rights activism:

The 1964 American Football League All-Star Game was scheduled to be held in New Orleans in January, 1965. Kemp and team-mates Ernie Warlick and Cookie Gilchrist were members of the Eastern Division team. When they arrived at the New Orleans airport, Gilchrist and Warlick hailed a nearby cab. The cabbie told Gilchrist: “You have to take a colored cab”, to which Cookie replied “I don’t care what color it is, we just want a cab!” The driver explained that they had to wait for a cab used only for black patrons. He peered out at Kemp, though, and said “I’ll take you.” Kemp replied that if the cab was too good for his friends, it wasn’t good enough for him.

After similar treatment of the black players at their hotel and other Big Easy establishments, Kemp joined with the rest of the white players on the squad to support the black players in their boycott of the city. In an early civil rights stand, the players held out and the game was moved to Houston.

That’s Jack Kemp. Patriot and leader.

Jeffrey Lord asks that you honor Jack Kemp by shunning the NFL and all its works and all its empty promises.

Turn off the games. Don’t go to the games. Stop buying the endless merchandise.

As it were, it is apparently time for the fans of the NFL to “take a knee.” To boycott the NFL by simply closing their wallets and walking away from rich, privileged athletes who couldn’t polish Jack Kemp’s cleats. Much less have the real courage to go outside the football stadium and help — yes — make America great again.

The NFL that threatened to fine players for honoring 9/11 victims. The NFL that prohibited the Dallas Cowboys from honoring police officers assassinated in the line of duty. The NFL that now claims players right to desecrate the flag at work cannot be infringed. That NFL doesn’t deserve another American nickel.

You Can Take Action

Yet, that NFL that expresses its disrespect for the United States with juvenile pre-game demonstrations takes $7 billion in United States tax dollars to build stadiums.

Along with the NFL, let’s not do business with the NFL’s largest sponsors:

  • Boycott Ford
  • Boycott GM
  • Boycott Anheuser-Busch
  • Boycott Nike

How ignorant of Ford and GM. Did they do the math before supporting this anti-American demonstration? How many pickups do Ford and GM sell to former NFL fans? How many pickups and SUVs? (I’d buy Toyota and Nissan stock now.)

Next, the president should sign an executive order prohibiting any federal agency from advertising during NFL events. He should prohibit the Department of Defense from participating in any NFL event. No flyovers. No parachute drops. No color guards.

Finally, it’s time to remove the NFL’s antitrust exemption. Let the owners be subject to the laws that govern other industries.

In other words, it’s not enough to turn our backs on football. It’s time to actively destroy the NFL. 


My autographed Jack Kemp card



Spy Tactics for Conservatives: 7 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself

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You are a target. They want you dead.

You are a conservative activist. They call themselves “progressives.”

You want to live. And you want to remain active in politics.

They want you dead. Or submissive. Like a slave. Or a battered woman.

No, you can’t attack them. You shouldn’t engage them. They’re rabid animals. Neither reason nor normal persuasion can change progressives from their deadly habits.

So what do you do?

You prepare. You practice. You learn. You train. You carry on.

Here’s a 7-point plan to make yourself as safe as possible while continuing your noble work as a conservative, patriotic activist.

  1. Put Your Damn Phone Away. Awareness of your environment is the most important asset you can you have. A gun does no good if you don’t see the attack coming. And your phone steals 100% of your attention. Your phone won’t save your life. The police aren’t that fast. The call or the text can wait. Put the phone away.
  2. Practice a Soft Focus. Look at a spot on the wall. A door knob. Anything small but distinct. Stare at it. Concentrate on that thing. For 20 seconds. Now, notice how your peripheral vision diminishes. How the room disappears. All you can see is that spot. Now, relax the muscles around your eyes. Keep your pupils pointed at that spot, but notice how much of the room you can see. The ceiling. The floor. The walls on either side. Everything. That’s a soft focus. It will improve your driving and your situational awareness. Practice this twice a day until it becomes a habit.
  3. Carry a Tactical Pen. I carry a Hoffman-Richter Stinger pen (pictured). This pen is mightier than the pen that’s mightier than the sword. When your Spidey Sense tingles, pull out the pen. When someone threatens, use it. Like an ice pick. You can carry this pen anywhere—on a plane, at work, at the ball game. You can’t carry a gun everywhere, because the First Amendment lets you carry a tactical pen everywhere.
  4. Carry a Credit Card Knife. I have one in my wallet at all times. No one has ever stopped me. This weapon takes more time to fold out for use, but it’s a lot like the pen. Plus, if you’re trapped or stranded, it gives the most important tool you can have. Something to cut with. It’s the most important survival tool you can have.
  5. Carry Cash. Carry cash in 3 or 4 places. 1) Wallet. 2) Back Pocket. 3) Shoe. If you lose all other forms of payment, stashed cash could save your life. CIA spy Jason Hanson carries $80 cash in his belt, plus what’s in his wallet. It’s save his life.
  6. Know the Baseline. People have baselines. Places have baselines. Know what’s normal. Normal for people. Normal for places. Normal for times. When something’s not normal, try to figure out why. Evaluate the threat level. Have your tactical pen ready.
  7. Be Assertive. Step forward, not back. Predators attack the weak, not the strong. Not the crazy. When a threat emerges, look it in the eye. Address the threat. “Do you know what time it is?” is the ultimate lifesaving question. It stops the predator. It activates their limbic brain. They have to answer it. It forces them help you. Emotionally help you. And it’s hard to attack someone you’ve helped. “Do you know what time it is?” Ask anyone who scares you. And look them in the eye while you’re asking. And while they’re processing. But have your pen in hand, just in case.

This is the world we live in. We’re all CIA spies in a foreign land. We might as well get used to it. Get good at it. And carry on.

If you want to learn more about everyday survival, read these books:

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson (CIA Agent)

The Spy’s Guide to Thinking by John Braddock (CIA Agent)


Mark Calendars: Tea Party for Trump August 28 @ 4:00 p.m. UPDATE

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We’re having a Tea Party.

It’s time. Everybody’s onboard. Now, we need you at the Tea Party for Trump, Sunday, August 28 at 4;00 p.m. at Surdyke Harley Davidson in Festus, MO. (Hey, hey, hey—it’s only 20 minutes from South County.)  And the band is getting back together (mostly). Expect many simultaneous Tea Party for Trump events across the country. 


Ed Martin, Michelle Moore, Dr. Gina Loudon, and the world famous Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, are founding members of the nationwide Tea Party for Trump. And I am one of Tea Party for Trump’s national spokespersons. (I know, but they couldn’t afford union rates.)

We are committed to raising ground troops to knock doors and make calls in key battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and wherever we can make a difference.

(The South County Republican Club Picnic, originally scheduled for the same time, has been postponed. Again, I apologize for stepping on that event.)


The Festus Tea Party for Trump will energize support in the St. Louis area. But we need volunteers at the event. If you can help, please fill out the brief form below. We will get in touch.

This is coming together fast, so accept my apology if I left something out. It’s going to be okay. We will not let Hillary Clinton pick Antonin Scalia’s replacement. We will not let Crooked Hillary eliminate the Hyde Amendment.  And we will not debate anyone about the merits of the Republican nominee.

  • We are the people who powered the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives in 2010.
  • We are the people who propelled Republicans to take over the Senate in 2014.
  • We are here to take the White House in 2016.

It’s as simple as that. Check out the Tea Party for Trump Founding Members board. It’s a who’s who of original Tea Party organizers from February 2009. In addition to our St. Louis all-starts, there’s Michael Patrick Leahy, Christina Botteri, Lloyd Markus, Eric Olsen, Tom Zawistowski, and more.


On a recent conference call, a senior executive with the NRA said, “I’ve worked alongside the Tea Party, and I’ve worked against the Tea Party. I can tell you, I don’t have any desire work against you folks again.

And that’s from one of our friends! Imagine how the other side must feel.

We’re gonna do this, folks. We’re gonna do this. 

And we’re going to start with this call for volunteers to help at the Tea Party for Trump at Surdyke Harley on August 28 at 4:00 p.m. No excuses.


Like the very first St. Louis Tea Party on February 27, 2009, I’m telling you before all the details are nailed down. Because I want you to have time to plan. 


Tea Party for Trump is a project of the Freedom for All PAC. This is not a St. Louis Tea Party Coalition event.


Look for Print Version of Fight to Evolve on April 14

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Thank you, so much, for asking. (So many have asked.)

Fight to Evolve: The Government’s Secret War on NTX will be available in print on April 14. Just go to amazon.com and search for Fight to Evolve.

If you can’t wait (and there’s no reason to wait) you can buy the Kindle edition right now. It’s already #2 bestseller on censorship in the Kindle store.

Amazon offers FREE Kindle readers for just about every device: Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

Finally, I hate to ask, but I’d appreciate a review. It only takes a second, and writing reviews makes you feel powerful and intelligent.

Thanks again. Now check out the press release for our HUGE announcement next Wednesday in Washington, DC at the the National Press Club. Too busy to click? Here’s the important stuff: I am going to DC on Wednesday to take this fight directly to the U.S. Government.

What If There Was a Safer Way to Drink Alcohol? from Coalition for Safer Drinking on Vimeo.

Activist Ron Calzone Sues Missouri Over Omnibus Bill

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Without comment . . .

Jefferson City, MO, May 29, 2015 – A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Senate Bill 672, passed by the Missouri General Assembly in 2014, was filed in Cole County circuit court on May 29th.

The lawsuit claims that the General Assembly ignored the constitutional limits to their legislative authority. The Missouri Constitution includes clauses that prohibit legislators from changing the purpose of a bill, including multiple subjects in one bill, or passing a “special law” that fails to treat everyone equally. The lawsuit claims lawmakers violated all three provisions and asks the court to strike down the entire bill.

Additionally, the lawsuit seeks to establish “citizen standing” in court to make such legal challenges. Courts currently recognize “taxpayer standing”, or the right of taxpaying citizens to sue when the law being challenged somehow affects the taxes he pays, but “standing” is not guaranteed a citizen if neither taxation nor government expenditures affect him.

If the “citizen standing” claim is recognized by the courts, the door will be opened for similar suits even when the laws being challenged don’t affect the taxes of the person filing the lawsuit.

The plaintiff in the challenge is Ron Calzone, a political activist and one of the founding directors of Missouri First, Inc., a think tank devoted to promoting constitutional governance. Although not an attorney, Calzone filed the suit “pro se” (Latin, “for oneself”), in part to demonstrate that the abuses by the General Assembly are so blatant that even a non-lawyer can succeed in legal challenges against some of their bills. He also hopes that it will encourage other citizens to bring similar challenges as long as the General Assembly refuses to abide by the constitutional limits on their powers.

Details about the lawsuit and the bill being challenged can be found at http://www.mofirst.org/?page=lawsuits/2014-SB672/2014-SB672-Challenge.php

It’s a Beautiful Spring Day, And Dellena Struggles to Stay In Business

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We met Dellena Jones during our first Ferguson BUYcott in August. Since then, St. Louis Tea Partier, Dottie Bailey, has made it her mission to help Dellena’s business survive and flourish.

Dellena’s business has fallen 60 percent since the first riots. She’s repaired the damage to her salon, but business is slow.

Despite all her challenges, Dellena still found the time and energy to host Center for Self-Governance training in her shop on a Saturday, foregoing that day’s revenue to learn about freedom and responsibility.

This GoFundMe project won’t clean up the debris around her shop, but it will help her survive until the area gets cleaned up.

We have a goal of raising $20,000 for Dellena, but we need your help.

Here’s what you can do today.

Pledge $1 for every goal the Blues score in their playoff series with Minnesota.

Pledge $10 for every Blues win.

Pledge $2 for every Cardinal run scored in the next week.

Post this link to Facebook and Twitter. http://www.gofundme.com/911hairsalonferg

Visit the 911 Hair Salon on W. Florissant in Ferguson — and buy something.

Donate what you can today.

The flip-side of Liberty is Responsibility, and we all need a mission in life that’s bigger than ourselves. Just $1 for Dellena Jones will let you say, “I did something.”

If you believe in small business, in recovery, and in free enterprise, why not help this woman keep her dream of independence through hard work alive?